Salesforce Collaborates with Accenture on Generative AI

The companies are working to accelerate the deployment of generative AI for CRM

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Published: May 9, 2023

James Stephen

Salesforce is collaborating with Accenture to accelerate the deployment of generative AI for CRM.

The new technology will enable companies to scale Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s generative AI for CRM, thereby increasing employee productivity and improving customer experiences.

Einstein GPT was released last month, touted as “the world’s first generative AI for CRM”. It combines ChatGPT with Salesforce’s AI, providing departments, such as sales, service, marketing, and IT, with a multi-purpose tool that can schedule messages, write emails, personalise content, create visuals, write code, generate knowledge articles, and more.

Bill Patterson, EVP and General Manager, C360 Applications at Salesforce, said: “Generative AI has enormous potential to transform the way companies interact with customers and drive business growth.

“Accenture and Salesforce together have years of experience in AI and play a critical role in ensuring customers get the most value from this technology.

“We want to come together to bring the visionary and technical expertise needed to unlock new possibilities for AI- and data-powered CRM, driving a profound transformation in customer interactions.”

Generative AI has the ability to transform business approaches and enable employees to gain more time by reducing the number of repetitive tasks they need to perform.

Salesforce’s Generative AI in IT Survey of over 500 senior IT leaders revealed that 84 percent believe generative AI can help to serve their customers better.

More than half of the respondents are experimenting with or actively utilising generative AI in their businesses.

Furthermore, 67 percent are prioritising generative AI within the next 18 months, which means there is a need to ensure the deployment of the technology is carried out effectively, according to Salesforce.

The addition of Accenture’s Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) Center of Excellence to the Salesforce acceleration hub will provide customised AI strategies using new accelerators for Einstein GPT, user interfaces, and automating processes to increase productivity and profitability.

The initial use cases focus will be on sales and service. For example, generative AI can increase seller productivity via automated tasks to drive customer and prospect engagement. From a service perspective, generative AI can improve agent and customer experience by using CRM data and automating knowledge management.

Salesforce and Accenture are planning on building industry-specific AI models within public sector services, manufacturing, health, and financial services.

Leveraging Data Cloud, the collaboration will explore how generative AI can create more personalised experiences for customers faster.

Salesforce and Accenture also intend to create learning resources to help teams improve their generative AI skills, specifically focussing on AI literacy, Einstein GPT, data science and analytics, and responsible AI.

Emma McGuigan, Senior Managing Director and Enterprise & Industry Technology lead at Accenture, said:

“Generative AI has the potential to transform work and reinvent business, with large language models impacting up to 40% of all working hours across industries, changing the way companies interact with their customers and ushering in a new era of generative AI for everyone.

“Companies need the infrastructure and knowledge to deploy this new technology to help address their unique business needs.

“By combining Accenture’s industry experience with Salesforce’s technology, we plan to be well positioned to help customers solve problems with generative AI faster and more effectively.”

Last month, Salesforce achieved the highest annual revenue rise in CRM, while also being hailed the number one CRM provider by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Salesforce also released Slack GPT recently to increase business productivity by leveraging CRM and conversational data.

The conversational AI technology adds AI features into Slack, generative AI app integrations, and the ability to utilise customer insights via the Customer 360 and Data Cloud.



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