Salesforce Launches Slack GPT

Slack GPT harnesses CRM and conversational data for increased productivity

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Published: May 4, 2023

James Stephen

Salesforce has launched Slack GPT to increase business productivity by leveraging CRM and conversational data.

The new conversational AI technology adds AI features into Slack, generative AI app integrations, and the ability to utilise customer insights via the Customer 360 and Data Cloud.

The arrival of Slack GPT follows shortly after the release of Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, which goes a step further than Einstein AI to provide agent-assist innovations within the Service Cloud application.

Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack, said: “Generative AI has enormous potential to redefine how work is done and unlock significant business productivity.

“The real power of this technology is when AI can analyse and act on the most valuable data from a company’s most trusted resource — its own internal knowledge.

“Slack GPT is the conversational AI platform of the future, helping customers easily tap into trusted customer data and essential employee knowledge so they can work smarter and make decisions faster.”

Introducing Slack GPT

Slack GPT provides intelligence for automations, conversations, and shared knowledge in Slack.

Native AI built into Slack will seamlessly introduce AI into the user experience, enabling customers to work, learn, and communicate better. AI-powered writing assistance and conversation summaries, for example, will be accessible from within Slack.

Slack’s new AI platform release allows customers to create no-code workflows and integrate large language models (LLMs) of their choice, such as ChatGPT or Anthropic’s Claude.

Custom integration can be built alongside Slack’s developer community boasting over 4,000 ChatGPT custom applications for Slack, which have been created since the integration’s announcement in March.

The Salesforce Platform for Slack developer platform was released last year, enabling new workflows to operate between Slack and Customer 360 apps.

Slack GPT can be used to summarise conversations and huddles. It also has AI assistance built into Slack’s message composer and canvas, allowing users to create and hone content.

Einstein GPT will soon be available on Slack’s Customer 360 integrated CRM platform, providing actionable customer insights to gain a valuable understanding of customers.

Last month, Salesforce teased the launch of Einstein GPT, the “world’s first generative AI for CRM”.

AI Research Support

Salesforce has supported the release of Slack GPT with findings from Slack’s State of the Work Report, which has found that many businesses are missing out on time-saving, productivity-boosting AI technologies.

90% of companies adopting AI have reported higher levels of productivity, but only 27% of businesses are using AI tools.

Companies using workplace automations estimate they are saving 3.6 hours per which, which equates to one month of meaningful work every year for each employee.


The Claude app for Slack is currently available and the Slack Workflow Builder with AI connectors will be available in the summer.

ChatGPT for Slack is in beta and Slack’s native AI capabilities are still in development.

CX Today recently reviewed Slack’s Customer 360 CRM platform, concluding that Salesforce and Slack are working to level up productivity for marketing teams, sales reps, and others in the workforce.

Customer 360 teams can achieve up to 15% faster sales cycles and those accessing Service Cloud information are producing customer satisfaction scores up to 11% higher.



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