Zoom Releases Salesforce App for Zoom Team Chat

Salesforce customers can now deploy the platform straight into Zoom Team Chat

Salesforce app for Zoom Team Chat launched
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Last Edited: December 15, 2022

Ryan Smith

Zoom customers can now download a Salesforce App for Zoom Team Chat.

In releasing this innovation, Zoom is delivering on its promise to make Team Chat a “hub of collaboration”.

It follows an announcement during Zoomtopia 2022, where the company doubled down on its mission to make various apps natively available on Team Chat.

David Ball, Product Marketing Manager, Zoom Meetings and Chat, commented: “Collaborating in Zoom Team Chat is so much more than just a series of messages or chat conversations.

“It’s about getting work done and working with others in a way that is easy, enjoyable, and efficient.

As Team Chat continues to transform into a hub of collaboration, we know that integrating apps into your Team Chat experience is critical.

“Last month at Zoomtopia, we officially announced the introduction of Apps for Team Chat, which allow you to bring everyday work tasks into the space where conversations and decisions are happening.

“Building on the recent releases of the Jira App and ServiceNow Virtual Agent, we are thrilled to announce that the Salesforce App for Zoom Team Chat, one of our most requested applications, is now available for you to use.”

According to Zoom, incorporating Salesforce into Team Chat enables users to access and update key customer data without having to switch applications, thereby enhancing productivity.

The Salesforce App for Zoom Team Chat allows users to do the following:

  • Search for records: Users can access customer information with a compose shortcut.
  • Share records: The app allows customers to keep colleagues informed by sharing customer records in Team Chat.
  • Receive notifications: Users can customise notifications so that they never miss when an Opportunity changes stages or when a Contact calls.
  • Add messages to records: The Salesforce app for Team Chat allows users to add notes to records to provide greater conversational context.

Salesforce for Zoom Team Chat is available to users now.

The announcement comes after a rocky few weeks for Salesforce, which started with Bret Taylor, co-CEO at Salesforce, announcing that he is stepping down at the end of the fiscal year.

Taylor made the announcement during Salesforce’s Q3 earnings results, where the company achieved a 14 percent YoY rise in revenue.

At the time, it looked like his department from the company was amicable; however, reports surfaced last week that have suggested otherwise.

Multiple news outlets suggested that there was ‘unrest’ among the executive level of Salesforce leading up to Taylor’s announcement.

If reports are to be believed, discussions were held among executives at Salesforce to get Taylor to remain with the company.



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