Salesforce Releases a Lite CRM

Charlie Mitchell

The solution aims to help businesses cut costs in times of economic uncertainty

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Salesforce Releases a Lite CRM

Salesforce has launched a scaled-down CRM, Salesforce Easy, supporting service, sales, and marketing teams.

By connecting these departments, Salesforce strives to help businesses simplify their operations. The release of the new CRM underpins this, offering clients a faster, user-friendly platform to manage customer relationships.

Building on this point in a blog, Kris Billmaier, SVP and GM of Salesforce Easy, wrote:

With the swipe of a credit card, SMBs can start seeing results fast, while larger businesses can get up and running quickly with Salesforce and then rapidly scale with the tools they need along their growth journey.

The solution also aims to pave the way for “amazing digital experiences” and help businesses piece together a complete picture of every customer.

Moreover, the vendor pledges that Salesforce Easy will accelerate time to value “for companies of all sizes and industries.”

However, it seems more likely to cater to small businesses, especially with a $25 starting price and a “three-click setup.”

In addition, the vendor has revealed few features at this stage. Yet, Salesforce promises to announce more “in the coming weeks and months” that will enhance its native analytics, commerce, and marketing tools.

Nevertheless, many of the already released capabilities are eye-catching. For instance, it offers Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 integrations to enable a speedy sign-on process. Furthermore, guided onboarding will ensure the team understands ROI opportunities.

Email outreach automation is another eye-catching addition, allowing teams to spend less time crafting marketing campaigns and customer follow-ups. In this sense, it also helps to reduce costs.

Further Salesforce Easy functionalities include built-in best practices based on how top sellers typically use Salesforce and out-of-the-box workflows to accelerate sales processes.

Sarah Franklin, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce, also suggested that a trial may soon be available to tempt new users. Without sharing more, she said:

The new trial, setup, and activation experience lets companies across industries access a single view of the customer and drive productivity, save time, and cut costs.

Cutting costs is likely on the agenda for many businesses as economic uncertainty beckons. As such, Salesforce Easy is perhaps meeting an emerging market need.

However, the vendor is most certainly helping combat the economic downturn in the UK by claiming it will create 270,000 jobs over the next four years.

In making the statement, Salesforce also announced the launch of Sales Cloud Unlimited. Shortly after, it followed this up with a new digital storefront solution, which will help Salesforce lead the headless commerce charge.



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