89% of Tech Executives Plan to Increase Digital CX Spending

TELUS International research suggests that new funds will focus on conversational AI, data & analytics, and CRM

89% of Tech Executives Plan to Increase Digital CX Spending
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Published: June 28, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Almost nine in every ten brands (89 percent) will increase digital CX technology spending this year as companies aim to deliver seamless online experiences.

According to the “Digital customer experience priorities for tech leaders in 2022” report by TELUS International, most will increase digital CX technology spending by 11-30 percent. Yet, some are going further, with two percent of businesses increasing spending by more than 50 percent.

So, which digital CX technologies will companies focus these newfound funds on? Conversational AI is the most likely port of call, with 60 percent of companies planning to invest in implementing or improving chatbots.

However, these bots are not only customer-facing. Indeed, the technology is also becoming more popular for delivering insights to agents.

Recently discussing the potential value of such solutions for the future contact center, Maria Pardee, Chief Commercial Officer at TELUS International, said:

By leveraging AI and automation to give CX delivery agents valuable data-driven insights to personalize and streamline customer-brand interactions – and by introducing the right digital channels… – companies can meet their customers’ needs today and into the future.

Alongside conversational AI, tech executives are also likely to invest in data & analytics (53 percent) and CRM (49 percent).

So, what is driving investments in these technologies? In the report, TELUS asked tech executives for their top motivations for investing in digital CX. Unsurprisingly, cost-saving took the top spot, underlining why conversational AI is the most sought-after technology, thanks to its ability to automate customer conversations.

However, the second most prominent reason is improving customer journeys. Perhaps this shows the evolution of tech executives as they become increasingly entrenched in the CX world. But, it may also explain the surge in the data & analytics and CRM spaces, technologies that support more intelligent, hyper-personalized customer experiences.

More Fascinating Findings from the TELUS International Report

The TELUS International study reveals many more findings that go far beyond digital CX spending plans. Other standout statistics include:

  • Just one in 20 businesses would class their digital customer experiences as “advanced”
  • 89 percent of technology executives consider CX a moderate or high priority for their company in 2022
  • Gaining executive buy-in is the biggest blocker to achieving digital CX goals
  • 84 percent of companies will outsource their digital CX objectives in some capacity

TELUS International teamed up with Pulse to survey 100 enterprise technology executives and gather these results. Together, they collected the data from December 2021 to January 2022.



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