Unanet CRM Joins Unanet Connect Integration Marketplace

William Smith

Unanet Connect provides customers access to pieces of enterprise software for integration with their CRM

Unanet CRM Joins Unanet Connect Integration Marketplace

Government contractor, architect, and professional services ERP and CRM solution provider Unanet has announced the addition of its CRM to its Unanet Connect integration marketplace. 

Unanet Connect allows customers to access key pieces of enterprise software and integrate them with their CRM. 

“Unanet Connect delivers a completely upgraded approach to bridge the gap between key systems without losing any functionality or insight,” said Assad Jarrahian, Chief Product Officer for Unanet. “Unanet CRM is committed to supporting all our customers strategic growth plans with investments, innovation and a relentless focus on delivering what customers tell us they want and need.” 

The company has duly expanded the number of connectors available in the marketplace, including: 

  • The Unanet AE and other ERPs for collaboration of accounting systems with marketing, sales and project managements solutions 
  • Digital asset management tools including OpenAsset for storing marketing images 
  • Email marketing tools including HubSpot 
  • HR systems such as BambooHR 

“Unanet Connect is a game-changer for our firm. It has already started to make a huge difference with our growth goals,” said Ashley Hartman, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Above Group, Inc, a Unanet customer.  

“Our previously un-synched systems led to outdated or conflicting data, which required three times the work to edit. Removing those siloes is an enormous relief for us and it’s certain to produce measurable benefits, including the time we’ll save because we no longer have to maintain three project lists between accounting, executive and business development.” 

The news comes after last month’s launch of the Unanet CRM for government contractors. CRM for GovCon includes market intelligence and proposal delivery features and integrates with its existing ERP solution. 

“Now GovCons can break out of siloed systems and have holistic project and client management functionality,” said Craig Halliday, CEO of Unanet. “When they can see the full view of their entire customer lifecycle, they are able to make smarter business decisions, operate more efficiently, and deliver better results overall.” 



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