WhatsApp Business Removes Facebook Account Requirements

Meta looks to simplify businesses usage of the service, as the firm plans a roadmap of CX features

WhatsApp Business Removes Facebook Account Requirements
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Published: June 28, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, Meta announced a roadmap of new features for its WhatsApp Business application that aims to improve the process of interacting with and redirecting customers from Facebook and Instagram ads – improving the CX journey for both customers and businesses.

The Menlo Park-based firm now allows businesses to operate a WhatsApp application without requiring a Facebook account. Meta says the new feature enables businesses to connect with customers more efficiently via simplified CX marketing opportunities.

With the removal of Facebook account requirements, Meta now allows end-users to get started with the WhatsApp business platform simply with an email and a form of payment.

The update also means that when a customer clicks on an advert, it will open a chat on WhatsApp for queries and purchases.

Moreover, many workers who use Meta solutions in the workplace do not wish to use personal Facebook accounts to sign in to their business accounts; for security and privacy reasons. Meta also changed its Quest product portfolio similarly, allowing customers to leverage immersive enterprise features without linking a Facebook account.

More CX Features to Come

Meta is rolling out a series of updates across the coming months to help small businesses harness its umbrella of social media applications.

Currently, the WhatsApp business application represents more than 200 million users, and now those users will gain access to a trove of upcoming features to improve advertising ROI.

The firm is developing a roadmap to allow its massive userbase to control entire business operations on WhatsApp, including creating, purchasing, and publishing Facebook and Instagram advertisement spaces.

Meta is also planning to test a WhatsApp Business feature that allows users to send personalized messages to customers, including integrated CX enhancements such as a call to action button and scheduling abilities.

Meta Attempts Global WhatsApp Bussiness Expansion

In November 2022, Meta introduced features for its Brazilian user base, allowing the region’s users to browse and reach out to businesses on the platform.

Moreover, at the time, Meta was also experimenting with payment features for the region as the firm attempted to scale WhatsApp as a business management hub in Brazil and other locations.

Mark Zuckerberg, speaking in 2022, noted:

We’re making this possible by expanding our directory feature to all of Brazil and bringing it to larger companies using our WhatsApp Business Platform here in Brazil and a few other countries as well.

The moves come as Meta seemingly follows in the lead of the Chinese networking platform WeChat. The Chinese application also allows users to browse and purchase products without leaving the WeChat service.

Moreover, the application is finding great success as the region’s number-one networking, shopping, and mobile payment platform. A legacy Meta also looks to follow.



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