AWS Entity Resolution Promises to Deliver “More Relevant” Customer Experiences

The solution paves the way for “unified views of your customers,” claims AWS

AWS Entity Resolution Promises to Deliver “More Relevant” Customer Experiences
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Published: July 28, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

AWS has released a solution that sweeps enterprise applications and connects data to surface new customer and business insights.

To understand how, first consider just how fragmented records containing information about customers, products, and partners have become as businesses continually deploy more channels, apps, and data stores.

For many, grouping all these records has become a Herculean task.

As such, organizations often struggle to evaluate information, spotlight insights, and – most crucially – drive relevant, personalized customer experiences.

Enter AWS Entity Resolution. The solution aspires to link related records across organizational data siloes, allowing businesses to leverage deeper data sets and inform new experiences.

Sharing the launch on LinkedIn, Dilip Kumar, Vice President of AWS, first reflects on these struggles that businesses face when centralizing their data. He stated:

AWS Entity Resolution is the result of working backward from this common pain point to give customers a way to more easily match and link related records to gain unified views and drive better business insights.

“Workflows can be set up in minutes to develop a rich understanding of their data in areas like supply chain operations, marketing campaigns, financial investments, pharma research, and more.”

AWS also claims that workflows are seamless, scalable, and can connect “seamlessly” with existing applications across the business.

Moreover, AWS Entity Resolution allows businesses to configure machine learning and rule-based matching techniques to remove duplicate records, link product codes, and “create unified views” of customers.

In addition, businesses may prepare data for AI model training to meet various business outcomes.

Interestingly, AWS Entity Resolution may also aid data security strategies by lowering the need to move data out of its storage.

Yet, Adam Solomon, Worldwide GTM Lead for AWS Entity Resolution, brings the focus back to customer experience. Taking to social media, he noted:

Advertisers and marketers can deliver more relevant experiences by applying unified insights across campaigns, loyalty programs, eCommerce, and more!

On launch, Solomon will work with many notable enterprise customers to implement the solution, including Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

Many others will likely join, too, as AWS enjoys a surge in its business following the release of Amazon Bedrock in April.

Its innovative approach to GenAI development has attracted “thousands of customers,” – according to Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Database, Analytics, and ML at AWS.

These include Lonely Planet, Sony, and Ryanair, which all harness Bedrock for GenAI innovation – as AWS ramps up its enterprise innovation.



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