Bayview Resolves Customer Issues for the Silent 82 Percent

The company is addressing issues without waiting for customers to request support

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Published: October 19, 2023

James Stephen

Bayview Technologies is resolving customer issues for the 82 percent of customers who are experiencing problems but have not yet reached out for help.

Nigel Mansfield, Contact Centre Strategic Lead at Bayview Technologies, told CX Today’s David Dungay in an interview at GITEX 2023 that it has found only the ‘angry’ 18 percent of customers get in contact with customer services, leaving an astonishing 82 percent that do not seek support.

This may lead to feelings of resentment towards the business and, ultimately, customers choosing to switch to a competitor.

Bayview – a well-established customer service BPO – uses AI and big data to proactively determine and mitigate customer problems, which has resulted in 75 percent of its contacts being handled by bots.

In the video above, Mansfield explained the reasoning behind its solution: “We are mixing the data from our inbuilt, in-house AI solution with the Avaya data that we get from the solution to then work out what our customer’s problem is.

By diagnosing what the problems are, we can avoid customers having to get in contact with us in the first place.

“There have been over 400 initiatives in the last 3 years, which have shown us that if the customer journey had been just a bit better before contacting customer services, they would not have needed to ruin their day by contacting customer services in the first place.”

AI and big data enable the solution to respond to customers in real-time, speeding up the resolution process and reducing the call volume to customer service agents.

Bayview also offers various automated solutions, which customers can use to make contact, including voice bots in three languages and chatbots in seven languages.

According to Mansfield, chatbots have a 73 percent first contact resolution rate, which means that customers can get their issues resolved more swiftly than with a human. Chatbot interactions last approximately one and a half minutes, while a person-led conversation tends to take around three and a half minutes for the same query and resolution.

He reports that some of its customers now prefer to use automated channels because they produce answers so much faster.

If needed, these bots can redirect customers to people within specific internal departments while letting the customer know that their query has been escalated.

Mansfield also spoke about how generative AI has propelled its platform:

The biggest thing that AI is providing us with now is the advent of generative AI over the last 6 months, which is enabling us to get there faster.

“Recently, there was a project, which we thought was going to take us eight months, and it took eight weeks.

“You can significantly reduce the time it takes you to get to where you want, and you can do that with a much greater level of accuracy.”

Bayview Technologies was recognized as one of the best Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) vendors at the CX Awards 2023.



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