Data Studio Is Now a Google Cloud Service

Charlie Mitchell

The move makes acquiring and integrating Google’s self-service BI easier

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Data Studio Is Now a Google Cloud Service

Data Studio, a self-service business intelligence (BI) and data visualization offering, is now available as a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service.

As such, customers may harness the solution on the Google Cloud terms of service. Doing so enables simpler acquisition and integration into the enterprise technology ecosystem.

Companies can then build reporting workflows faster, enabling swift yet advanced business intelligence measurement.

As John Johnson, Partner Sales Manager at Google Cloud, states on LinkedIn:

This is another step in our journey to provide an integrated Cloud BI experience for customers that gives them governed self-service BI at scale.

Another significant benefit of the move is that Google will now ensure that Data Studio comes with the same security and privacy commitments as other Google Cloud offerings.

Indeed, Data Studio now meets SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliance standards – alongside PCI DSS. These relate to information system security, internal auditing, and controls.

The vendor also promises that further compliance certifications are in the pipeline.

However, Google Cloud states that these additional certifications will not change the Data Studio experience for users while the solution is still available under the current terms and conditions.

Going further in a blog post, Graham Kaplan, Product Manager at Google Cloud, added:

This is just the beginning of our investment in making the power of Google Cloud accessible to everyone through easy-to-use cloud BI.

For current users of Data Studio to use the product on Google Cloud terms, first sign into the Google Admin console. Then, click “Enterprise Admin” on the left-hand side of the screen from the Data Studio Home page.

Finally, under “Data Studio Terms of Service,” read and review the terms and conditions. By clicking “I Accept,” companies can access Data Studio as a GCP service.

As CX is becoming more data-centric, many will likely turn to such solutions.

Indeed, Google Cloud has recently teamed up with H&M, Northwell Health, and the Dutch Government to enhance their data strategies and improve customer experiences.



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