Domo Beats Microsoft and Salesforce to Top Respected BI Vendor List

Charlie Mitchell

A Dresner Advisory Services study pinpoints Domo as the market leader in self-service BI

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Domo Beats Microsoft and Salesforce to Top Respected BI Vendor List

Dresner Advisory Services has announced that Domo is its top-rated vendor for self-service BI after releasing its 2022 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study.

Interestingly, Pyramid Analytics and Sisense also placed higher than Microsoft and Salesforce (Tableau) in the report – two of the three market leaders in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

Of course, the Gartner report assesses BI on a much broader level, yet self-service is becoming an ever more critical part of the space.

Indeed, making insights and internal expertise more readily available – in a managed, controlled fashion – drives better decision-making across the enterprise.

Domo seemingly excels in this regard, capturing the coveted first position in the self-service BI study for the fifth consecutive year.

Thrilled to announce the achievement on a recent earnings call, John Mellor, Chief Strategy Officer at Domo, said:

We believe rapidly solving the last mile of engagement with timely, actionable data is where the market is heading, and this is where Domo has significant strength and differentiation.

Dresner Advisory Services prides itself on ranking vendors on data, not opinions, basing its scoring on the collaborative, governance, and guided analytics features that each vendor offers.

In addition, the market analyst assesses each provider on its ability to develop an environment where users can effortlessly surface and share insights in a controlled manner.

Alongside its native features that enable such insight sharing, Domo also recently released a Microsoft Teams integration to scale its powerful insight generation for everyone in the enterprise.

Such an integration speaks to the second of Domo’s three strategic priorities, as laid out by Mellor:

These priorities are: number one, keeping our growth engine intact; two, increasing our enterprise cadence; and three, our focus on data apps.

During the earnings call, Mellor also discussed other Q1 highlights, pinpointing favorable research from other leading market analysts.

For example, a recent Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report found that Domo’s low-code data app platform enables brands to recoup their investment in less than a single month. This ROI may grow to as much as 455 percent in three years.

In addition, an independent study by Nucleus Research uncovered that the very same platform allows users to develop “analytic content” 50 to 75 percent faster than traditional methods.

Finally, Domo also highlighted how it is supporting women in technology, winning a place on the Women Tech Council 2022 Shatter List for a fifth consecutive year. This comes after it placed on the Best Companies for Women to Advance List at the end of 2021.



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