New Innovations Added to Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe releases Adobe Product Analytics and other key enhancements

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Published: June 9, 2023

James Stephen

Adobe has added new innovations to Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Product Analytics and other major upgrades.

Adobe Product Analytics will be available to enterprise customers, while Adobe Mix Modeler, Experience Manager, Real-Time Customer Data Platform, and Journey Optimizer are being updated.

The American computer software company is expanding its Adobe Experience Cloud offering across financial services, automotive and retail, and other sectors.

It is already used by 87 percent of Fortune 100 companies and boasts a long list of globally recognized customers, such as Adidas, Lufthansa, H&M, Hugo Boss, Prada Group, Real Madrid, Salomon, Santander, TeamViewer, TSB Bank, and Volkswagen.

Amit Ahuja, Senior Vice President, Digital Experience Business at Adobe, said: “As enterprise businesses navigate through an uncertain business climate and price-conscious consumers, consistently delivering engaging and personalized experiences will be paramount to accelerating profitable growth.

Our latest innovations empower brands to activate data in new ways that drive customer engagements, along with efficiencies and cost savings.

What’s New in Adobe Experience Cloud?

Adobe Product Analytics: According to Adobe, product teams play a central role in customer experience, with new feature launches being able to make or break customer loyalty. Product usage insights are often not adequately shared with colleagues from other departments, however.

Product Analytics offers product teams self-service capabilities, enabling them to view customer adoption and usage levels.

These insights are combined with data from other businesses to better understand customer engagement.

Marketing insights, for example, would be unified with Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) from CJA customers like Coca-Cola, TSB Bank, Warner Brothers, and General Motors.

Adobe Mix Modeler: Mix Modeler Adobe has an AI-powered, self-service solution that lets teams effectively measure campaign results over paid, earned, or owned channels.

The Adobe Experience Platform, plus external sources, such as social media platforms, provide the Mix Modeler with data to power its insights.

The result is marketers will find it easier to prove the value of their campaigns. The travel and hospitality sectors are two areas that frequently struggle to show the effects of paid searches on bookings.

Adobe Experience Manager:The Experience Manager has been redesigned to allow users to quickly improve their brand’s digital content through well-known tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Teams do not need to have CMS expertise in order to create new content from the same document. There are also security controls to ensure that only the right people have access.

Adobe is expanding Experience Manager to make it accessible to brands worldwide. It has already announced some early adopters, including Hanesbrands, PGA TOUR, Volvo Trucks, and WESCO International.

Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP): The addition of advanced audience management capabilities in Real-Time CDP will significantly speed up the delivery of personalized customer experiences.

New data partners can now be accessed worldwide, first-party data scaled with look-alike audiences, and audience segments automatically added from any part of an organization into Real-Time CDP.

It includes built-in governance and extra management features, such as locating the highest-value segments and overlaying additional data.

Real-Time CDP interfaces with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics to help create omnichannel experiences and leverage insights.

Leading brands, including NatWest, Prada Group, Real Madrid, Henkel, and PRISA Media, already use Real-Time CDP.

Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO): An AI-powered update to AJO has been previewed by Adobe.

The journey management application orchestrates customer experiences across web, email, SMS, mobile, and offline channels.

Artificial intelligence will give brands new testing capabilities to help them to determine their next steps.

Adobe intends AJO to be a “central hub to drive their omnichannel strategy” and align their campaigns and experiences with real-time customer interactions.



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