NICE Launches ‘Groundbreaking’ Generative AI Solution

Enlighten Actions is built on the tech that powers ChatGPT

Nice launches generative AI solution
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Published: March 27, 2023

Tom Wright

NICE has brought together its Enlighten AI technology with generative AI to drive fast and accurate customer experience.

Enlighten Actions is built on the same technology used to power ChatGPT and uses a dataset of billions of CX transactions to generate responses.

Barry Cooper, President of the CX Division at NICE, said: “Enlighten Actions is a next-generation AI innovation.”

“[It] revolutionizes how businesses use data to help drive growth. Combining Enlighten AI and generative AI, NICE has broken down the siloes to create an unparalleled knowledge base to deliver truly transformative actions for businesses.”

NICE said the new product makes its Enlighten technology more accessible to users by giving it the type of human-like interface that has made ChatGPT so popular.

The combination of Enlighten AI with generative AI means responses can be given for any request and are created in record time.

Enlighten Actions is integrated across NICE’s portfolio, including with CXone Expert, Bot Builder and SmartAssist.

“Through this state-of-the-art interface, Enlighten Actions generates actionable outputs that are clear, easy to understand, and brand specific,” NICE said. “It fundamentally changes and improves how we interact with unstructured data and makes it more accessible and efficient for businesses to operationalize.”

NICE announced a partnership with OpenAI earlier this year, which brought generative AI to its CXone Expert solution.

A raft of companies in the customer experience and unified communications industries have made similar moves in the wake of ChatGPT’s hype.

Salesforce recently teased “the world’s first generative AI for CRM”, while 8×8 integrated OpenAI tech with its XCaaS offering.


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