Redcentric Named First UK Provider of Akixi’s CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams

How can customers access Akixi’s analytics tool and what benefits does it bring?

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Published: May 28, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Redcentric has confirmed that it will be the first service provider to deliver Akixi’s real-time CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams to the UK market.

Building on its existing partnership with Akixi, Redcentric’s customers will be able to access the new CX analytics solution through Unity, the company’s telephony platform.

With promises of “rapid” deployment and implementation, Redcentric boasts an automated large-scale onboarding system that will allow users to easily access and navigate the solution across complex environments.

In a statement released by Redcentric, the company outlined customer engagement and a more streamlined telephony user process as some of the key benefits of Akixi’s solution:

We’re excited to be the first partner to be able to deliver this innovative solution to market which will help customers to use real-time call analytics to improve customer engagement and generate operational efficiencies.

Redcentric also provided several examples of where and how the solution will be deployed to improve businesses’ telephony customer experience offerings:

  • Healthcare: Facilities can now significantly reduce patient callback times, enhancing patient care with more efficient communication.
  • Veterinary Practices: Track and decrease wait times to improve client satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Call Center operations: Monitor your team to balance call workloads, boost productivity, and ensure employee wellbeing.

So, let’s examine some of the key features of real-time CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams.

The Ins and Outs of CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams

As a market leader in the call analytics space, Akixi is aiming to enhance the experience of service providers and their customers, by leveraging its substantial network of service provider partners.

This is where CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams comes in.

Available via a single cloud platform, Akixi emphasizes that its CX Analytics feature for Microsoft Teams is essential for service provider customers, especially in informal contact center environments, where immediate access to end-user call data is required.

The solution also offers comprehensive call visibility by combining historical and real-time data to generate intuitive business insights, ensuring all customer experience needs are met effectively.

Moreover, Akixi claims that the analytics tool includes the following industry firsts:

  • Akixi Bot Engine: Provides deep real-time visibility of Teams calls and queues.
  • Onboarding Automation: Enables rapid deployment for a large number of enterprise users within a multi-tier channel environment.
  • Consistent Reporting: Ensures uniform reporting across various cloud platforms for hybrid use cases.

Speaking earlier this month, Mike Wilkinson – Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Akixi – commented on the potential of the company’s CX anlytics solution:

“To date, service providers have had to make do with limited enterprise grade Teams analytics solutions which significantly impacts their operations and cost of delivery.

With CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams, we have built a service provider-first solution alongside the real-time bot engine, which provides the precision needed for call analytics that satisfy the largest ranges of use cases in the market.

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