Last Chance: Submit Your Application for the CX Awards 2024

Don’t let your opportunity to win go up in smoke!

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Published: January 23, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

This is not a drill! Applications for the CX Awards 2024 close at the end of this weekend, after a short extension was granted.

So, now is the last chance to send in your applications. It’s now or never.

Our illustrious awards event celebrates the customer experience space’s best thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

Already, many of the biggest-name brands from across the landscape have thrown their hat into the ring – and this is the final call for all worthy challengers.

Those that step forward may enter multiple of our 20+ categories, covering technology, transformation, and leadership.

And there’s every chance they’ll walk away a winner.

Calling All Last-Minute Entrants

On Sunday 28th, the door will slam firmly shut for all applications to ensure our esteemed judges have the necessary time to give each entry equal care and consideration.

For all those who beat the clock, sit back, put the champagne on ice, and wait for our finalist shortlist to be revealed on Thursday, February 15.

Then, it’s not long for the lucky listees to find out if they’ve gone all the way, with the virtual awards ceremony taking place no more than two weeks later on Thursday, February 29.

Winners from every category will have sufficiently demonstrated their ability to innovate, execute, and improve customer experience.

For guidance on how to do precisely that, check out our top tips for crafting a CX Awards application with pep, punch, and pizazz.

Bolster Your Chances of Winning

Some innovators scour the categories, choose one, and settle for a single application.

Yet, there is no entry limit. Many brands, teams, and leaders are eligible for numerous awards and may multiply their chances of winning by entering another two, three, or possibly even four categories.

Imagine walking away a double-, triple-, or quadruple-award winner. That is quite the message to make on the biggest customer experience platform!

That said, all winners will have their names up in lights during the ceremony and beyond.

For an idea of what that ceremony might just look like, check out our 2023 CX Awards show.

Worthy winners included the likes of Cisco, SugarCRM, and Vonage – alongside the many others that seized the CX Today spotlight.

Could 2024 be the year your team revels in its glow? Fill in your application form now to find out!

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