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Published: December 12, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Applications for the 2024 CX Awards are open, and the submissions from customer experience innovators are already streaming in thick and fast.

Yet, many more are priming their applications before the deadline (January 24, 2024).

Recognizing this, we’ve compiled several valuable tips to help all those prospective entrants get their submissions over the line.

→ APPLICATION FORM: Confident enough to enter without our guidance? If so, click here to download your application.

Top Tips for a Stand-Out Application

The CX Awards provides the platform to showcase what makes your CX tech, transformation, or leader exceptional.

However, some applications capture our expert judges’ attention and imagination more than others.

For applicants determined to do precisely that, here are some insider tips:

  • Get Into the Weeds: Avoid mere copying and pasting of marketing content. Delve into the specifics of why you excel in your category and deserve the chosen award.
  • Keep It Relevant: Ensure your product or service aligns closely with the category you are applying for. Unfortunately, lots of excellent entries have fallen at this hurdle.
  • Show Off Your Personality: Sprinklr some personality and flavor into your entries. Express your uniqueness, and don’t shy away from conveying emotion.
  • Quote Your Customers: Pick and choose quotes from satisfied customers to bolster your case. Show the difference you’ve made instead of relying on analyst feedback.
  • Show Your Best Side: Double down on your unique selling point and focus on showcasing what sets you apart rather than sharing a long list of product capabilities.

Lastly, avoid common mistakes, like including excessive external links and attachments. Keep your submission concise and steer clear of jargon and sales-speak.

Some Final Words of Wisdom

There are many more possible tips, such as: stay within the word limit, include specifics, and – of course – keep it authentic.

Yet, most crucially, adhere to these critical points:

  • Criteria: The CX Awards are based on three essential criteria: Ability to Innovate, Ability to Execute, and Ability to Improve Experience. Emphasize these abilities in your responses.
  • Statistics and Figures: Support your claims with data showcasing your solution’s pioneering nature and its tangible impact on customer experience.

Now, while all this may seem daunting, remember that following these tips increases the likelihood of submitting a compelling entry.

Just make sure you act quickly. After all, submissions received after January 24 won’t count.

Download your application promptly and gather lots more helpful info here!

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