How Can AI Impact NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

The influence of AI on NPS

How Can AI Impact NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

The rise of customer experience as the most crucial differentiator for modern businesses has paved the way to a new selection of success metrics. Today’s contact centre leaders are less concerned about the number of calls answered per second and more interested in how many customers get a solution with the first interaction or how often repeat clients are lost.

Net Promoter Score, or “NPS”, is a core KPI within many organisations today. This score effectively measures how likely it is your customers would recommend you to their peers. A high NPS score means that you’re cultivating a community of dedicated, loyal customers who would advocate for your brand. A low score could mean that your service isn’t up to scratch.

So, what impact does AI in the CX world have on your net promoter score?

How AI Influences Net Promoter Score

Your Net Promoter Score is influenced by anything that changes the way that your customers feel about you. The speed of your service, how much effort your customer needs to exert to contact you, and the number of customer support channels you offer can all have an impact.

As a solution designed to empower the agents that serve your customers and offer more opportunities to clients themselves, AI has a direct impact on your reputation and NPS potential. Just some of the ways that AI can improve NPS include:

  • Offering better views of the customer journey: Artificial Intelligence is a powerful way to collect large amounts of information about clients and turn that data into insights. The more you learn about your customer’s journey and the roadblocks that could be preventing client satisfaction, the easier it is for you to resolve any potential problems
  • New avenues for problem-solving: Artificial Intelligence solutions like chatbots and intelligent virtual agents can support a more effective self-service environment for customers. Companies can create AI tools that instantly answer questions for customers at any time of the day, and allow those consumers to make transactions or manage simple account changes
  • Faster time to resolution: In the contact centre environment, artificial intelligence can ensure that your customers take the fastest route to problem resolution. After detecting a keyword in a customer’s query, an intelligent routing system can send a customer to the agent best suited to handle their needs. This reduces the risk that the client might need to repeat themselves or be transferred to someone new
  • Empowering agents: Your customer service agents have a huge impact on your Net Promoter Score. AI solutions can empower these staff members by streamlining their access to valuable information and offering suggestions on how they can solve consumer problems. AI solutions can even pull information from CRM systems to give agents more personalised data about a customer

Using AI to Improve NPS

Today’s customers care more about the experience that companies can give than anything else. With artificial intelligence, it’s possible for contact centers to give their customers the kind of meaningful interactions they’re looking for on any channel. What’s more, because AI is excellent at collecting and sorting through data, companies have a valuable way of tracking the outcomes of their initiatives.



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