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Published: March 27, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Loyal customers are perhaps the most valuable asset any business can cultivate. Not only do they tend to have a higher lifetime value than one-off consumers, but they’re also can also be excellent advocates, driving new opportunities towards a company.  

According to some studies, around 43% of customers spend more money with businesses they’re loyal to. What’s more, when clients are loyal to a brand, they’re also far less likely to abandon them for another company. This means business leaders suffer less from the negative effects of churn.  

The biggest challenge for many organizations, is figuring out how to manage and leverage their most committed customers. That’s where loyalty management tools come in, to assist brands in nurturing these vital relationships.  

Here are just some of the best loyalty management solution providers in 2023. 

  • TapMango
  • FiveStars
  • Yoyo Wallet
  • Open Loyalty
  • Copo
  • Thanx
  • Belly
  • S Loyalty
  • CrowdTwist (Oracle)
  • Mass Mobile Apps
  • Loyalty Lion
  • Paytronix
  • Preferred Patron
  • LevelUp
  • SailPlay
  • Loyalty Gator
  • Square Loyalty
  • Kobie Loyalty Cloud
  • ThirdShelf
  • Zinrelo
  • Loopy Loyalty
  • Whisqr
  • Repeat Rewards
  • Kangaroo Rewards
  • GoMeeki (Ubiquity)


Online ordering and customer loyalty platform provider, TapMango provides companies with a fully customizable ecosystem of tools for connecting with customers. The TapMango platform allows brands to enrol clients into programs however they like, using customer-facing tablets, mobile apps, messaging, and more. Plus, brands can adjust their loyalty program to their needs.  

Within the ecosystem, there are numerous solutions for setting up point systems, segmenting audience members into different groups, and rewarding clients for acts of loyalty. Plus, businesses can manage multiple locations with ease, restricting different rewards and points to specific environments. There are even tools available for automating social media, SMS, and email campaigns.  

→ Explore TapMango


Created by SumUp, FiveStars combines payments, marketing tools, and rewards into a single platform for growing companies. The tool allows users to set up customizable rewards and promotions for customers to boost client lifetime value and engagement. Companies can also combine their loyalty solutions with automated marketing strategies.  

FiveStars has its own mobile app solution so that customers can keep track of rewards and points on the go. Additionally, business leaders can gain access to reports, insights, and analytics to track the growth and sentiment of their target audience. The simple automation workflows can even save teams time on nurturing prospects.  

→ Explore FiveStars

Yoyo Wallet 

Payment and loyalty application service in one, Yoyo wallet supports brands in collecting mobile payments from customers on the move and rewarding repeat visitors. The solution comes with access to custom QR codes to make payments simpler. Plus, organizations can track valuable metrics in a backend reporting environment, with access to segmentation tools for customer groups. 

Yoyo Wallet also has tools included to help businesses to determine when they’re at risk of losing the loyalty of a customer to help improve their chances of retaining clients. Brands can also use the application to request direct feedback from consumers. 

→ Explore Yoyo Wallet

Open Loyalty 

API-first and headless loyalty solution, Open Loyalty, is a flexible platform for creating customized gamification and customer engagement experiences. The technology integrates directly with a range of other tools, from CMS and CRM systems to contact center technology and mobile applications. The elastic ecosystem and microservices architecture also allow brands to scale their loyalty strategy according to their specific needs, using pre-built blocks and tools. 

Open Loyalty takes privacy and data security seriously, following all applicable guidelines and policies when it comes to managing customer data. Moreover, the technology supports businesses in embedding loyalty campaigns into anything, from a POS system to a mobile app.  

→ Explore Open Loyalty


All-in-one customer engagement and loyalty solution, Como helps businesses take a data-driven approach to connecting with customers. Within the platform, users can connect the dots between various technologies, from online ordering systems to point of sale technology, to build more immersive customer profiles.  

Como customers can leverage Artificial Intelligence algorithms to discover new opportunities for generating revenue from existing customers. Plus, the flexible platform allows for the creation of various kinds of tiered and point-based loyalty programs, as well as gamification events. Como also supports businesses in managing transactions across different landscapes, from social media and website pages to mobile apps.  

→ Explore Como


CRM, guest engagement, and loyalty platform, Thanx focuses on the hospitality industry. The end-to-end platform combines customer insights and analytics with lifecycle marketing and sales tools to improve customer lifetime value. Users can build automated marketing campaigns and A/B test them with built-in tools. Plus, it’s possible to build your own loyalty app or program from scratch with white-label branding and custom point systems. 

Brands can use Thanks to offer dynamic perks and rewards to customers, with assignable and adjustable values, expiration dates, and more. Thanx also assists business leaders in tracking audience engagement with behind-the-scenes insights into audience journeys.  

→ Explore Thanx


Founded in 2011, Belly is a business customer loyalty program platform built by mobivity. The platform features automated marketing campaigns with customer segmentation, as well as digital loyalty program creation, data tracking, and automated workflows. Depending on the plan chosen, customers of Belly can leverage everything from online listing managers to custom list builders, dedicated mobile apps, and Facebook integrations.  

Belly also supports brands in designing branded loyalty programs from scratch, with POS integrations, configurable point systems, and first-party data collection, as part of its enterprise package. The solution even integrates with social media channels and review platforms like Yelp. 

→ Explore Belly

S Loyalty

Specially designed for e-commerce brands using channels like Shopify and BigCommerce, S Loyalty is a custom loyalty program builder with convenient theming and design tools. Users can apply their brand’s aesthetic to all of the elements of their program across all devices and engage clients with their own choice of rewards.  

Automation capabilities built into the ecosystem ensure brands can schedule timed and ongoing loyalty campaigns or reward customers with specific bonuses at certain times. There are also built-in tools for sending notifications to shoppers when they’re browsing through a website. This means teams can remind their customers when they have points to redeem.  

→ Explore S Loyalty

CrowdTwist (Oracle)  

Now owned by Oracle, CrowdTwist is a loyalty and engagement platform which supports businesses in targeting and nurturing their most valuable customers. The solution comes with a custom program designer, where businesses can choose exactly how and when to reward customers for their purchases and actions. Personalization tools are also built-in, with integrations to the Oracle Unity Customer Data platform for segmentation.  

CrowdTwist from Oracle also features numerous ways to engage customers, with non-purchase activities and gamifications, and integration with the Oracle Responsys campaign management system. What’s more, reporting and analytics features are included for tracking campaign metrics. 

→ Explore CrowdTwist (Oracle)

Mass Mobile Apps 

Specialist software development company Mass Mobile Apps produces unique mobile loyalty programs on behalf of other companies. The organization works with other companies to define the parameters of their loyalty strategy and design responsive websites and mobile apps designed to increase sales and customer engagement.  

Business leaders can manage their custom-created app using a tablet menu app, which offers numerous solutions for configuration and customization. Additionally, Mass Mobile Apps can also assist with SEO and SMM marketing on the behalf of its clients. The vendor specializes in producing only bespoke apps from scratch for a more unique experience. 

→ Explore Mass Mobile Apps

Loyalty Lion 

Primarily serving the e-commerce market, Loyalty Lion is a software solution vendor with its own loyalty program development platform. The platform supports companies in driving more revenue from existing customers with customizable points and rewards, which can be exchanged for vouchers, gift cards, or other custom benefits.  

Loyalty Lion delivers a range of advanced features to brands, including an integrated referral app, for turning VIP customers into ambassadors. The solution also integrates with existing marketing tools, such as email service providers, review platforms, and helpdesks. Users can also leverage email marketing automation in the Loyalty Lion platform. 

→ Explore Loyalty Lion


Designing customer engagement solutions and loyalty program tools for retail chains, convenience stores, and restaurants, Paytronix gives businesses numerous ways to engage with their target audience. The comprehensive digital platform includes tools for creating and managing a mobile app, digital ordering tools, and even marketplace solutions.  

Users can also use the solution to build their own loyalty program, with customizable points, tiers, and branding elements. What’s more, there are solutions embedded for developing promotional campaigns with included automation. For a more personalized customer experience, brands can connect their loyalty solution to their CRM and messaging tools too.  

→ Explore Paytronix

Preferred Patron 

Offering co-branded loyalty solutions for business leaders, Preferred Patron designs custom CX applications and tools for business leaders. The brand offers everything from dedicated Shopify and Square customer loyalty programs to Vend options, and white-labelled platforms.  

Depending on the service offering chosen by the company, Preferred Patron can design loyalty tools which combine end-to-end system integration with mobile app creation and comprehensive marketing and branding. Preferred Patron can also help with customer data profile creation, CRM management, and lifetime value calculations. The wide range of bespoke solutions on offer from the organization allows organizations to design flexible loyalty strategies for any use case.  

→ Explore Preferred Patron


Committed to building, developing, and managing loyalty programs for growing brands, LevelUp works with businesses to captivate customers through custom applications. The brand specializes in building unique experiences with custom point and stamp apps, as well as omnichannel marketing and lead nurturing strategies for individual businesses.  

Working with businesses such as Grubhub and Pret A Manger, LevelUp has already assisted numerous organizations in finding ways to keep their clients engaged. The company even has its own online portal and dashboard where companies can manage and track the results of their loyalty campaigns in real time, facilitating future growth.  

→ Explore LevelUp


SailPlay is a loyalty platform designed to encourage both customer and employee engagement. The solution includes data collection tools, and can integrate with numerous data sources to assist brands in building comprehensive profiles and segments. Companies can also design branded loyalty programs within the platform that work across multiple channels using flexible logic. 

Alongside standard points-based loyalty programs, companies can also create special quests and tasks for program members, as well as gamification experiences, such as leaderboards, progress bars and badges. Plus, SailPlay comes with integrated tools for marketing automation to help businesses stay connected with clients through email and SMS.  

→ Explore SailPlay

Loyalty Gator 

With pre-built loyalty programs and customizable solutions for business leaders, Loyalty Gator allows organizations to reward and retain customers using various methods. Companies can gift their target audience with points based on the amount of money they spend, their frequent purchases, and even when they refer a friend. Plus, loyalty programs can also be combined with gift cards too.  

Alongside loyalty programs and gift cards, Loyalty Gator also offers solutions for employee loyalty programs to help reduce staff churn with gamification. Plus, brands can experiment with coalition reward programs offered through partnerships and two-tier reward programs too.  

→ Explore Loyalty Gator

Square Loyalty 

Offered as an add-on to the Square POS services, Square Loyalty empowers business leaders to build and manage custom loyalty programs within a simple web interface or directly from their POS system. There’s no requirement for any additional hardware or software to get started. Within Square Loyalty, companies can track their repeat and VIP customers to see which of their clients are spending the most money with their brand.  

There are analytical and reporting tools built-in to help organizations track sales and monitor the impact of loyalty programs with comparison charts. Plus, Square Loyalty allows businesses to enroll their customers into programs wherever they choose, with QR codes and POS apps.  

→ Explore Square Loyalty

Kobie Loyalty Cloud 

Otherwise known as KALC, the Kobie Alchemy Loyalty cloud is a marketing technology platform designed to ensure businesses can create and leverage customized engagement programs. The flexible ecosystem provides an end-to-end solution for customer data management, as well as rules and offers decisioning, program measurement, insights, and CX delivery.  

Alongside a versatile platform, Kobie customers gain access to specialist customer support from teams with experience in the retail, travel, telecom, and banking sectors. Plus, KALC easily integrates with a range of existing martech systems and tools and can scale according to a company’s needs, with built-in data analysis and AI insights.  

→ Explore Kobie Loyalty Cloud


Built to integrate with existing Point of Sale systems, ThirdShelf is a customer loyalty management and program creation platform with a host of built-in features. Companies can create spend-based rewards or set up advanced loyalty rules based on how they want to engage their customers. There are automation tools for scheduling offers via email. Plus, advanced segmentation options allow companies to send different deals to each customer group.  

With a plug-and-play architecture and automated re-engagement solutions, ThirdShelf helps brands to keep their business front-of-mind with clients. The solution also comes with built-in reporting and customizable analytics for success tracking. 

→ Explore ThirdShelf


SaaS-based loyalty program providers, Zinrelo help, brands to launch holistic rewards programs across an omnichannel landscape. The company takes a unified approach to preserve loyalty, with deep data analytics, ongoing strategy consultation, and a range of tools for tracking and monitoring customer interactions throughout the purchasing journey.  

Within the Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards platform, companies will find numerous pre-built templates for designing programs for transactional, social, behavioral, advocacy, and engagement-based loyalty. The solution also comes with automated marketing campaigns and easy-to-follow visual reports. Advanced segmentation also allows companies to produce custom experiences for each client group. 

→ Explore Zinrelo

Loopy Loyalty 

Focused on the SMB landscape, Loopy Loyalty is a complete loyalty program-building platform and management tool. Users can use the technology to issue customer stamps and rewards without leveraging an existing point-of-sale system. Plus, all packages support unlimited push messages, customers, and rewards.  

The Loopy Loyalty ecosystem is mobile-wallet enabled to give customers more ways to complete transactions. It also comes with rich customer insights built-in, with customizable reports protected by a secure database. Loopy Loyalty also supports trigger-based messages and push notifications to engage clients based on their location.  

→ Explore Loopy Loyalty


Whisqr is a customer engagement company committed to helping businesses connect with their customers on any channel. Businesses can work with the organization to create customer loyalty cards with QR codes or dedicated apps. The proven platform comes with a robust code base, with tweakable components ready to adapt to the needs of businesses in various industries.  

Companies can also use the ecosystem to encourage a variety of behaviors, rewarding customers for purchases, referrals, feedback, and reviews. The included API within the ecosystem also ensures brands can further integrate their loyalty strategy with the tools and resources they’re already using. Plus, end-to-end analytics and reporting make it simple to track the results of loyalty campaigns. 

→ Explore Whisqr

Repeat Rewards 

Designed especially for independent businesses looking to leverage the power of loyal customers, Repeat Rewards is a simple platform offering access to a completely automated loyalty program. The Repeat Rewards team works with a range of strategic alliance partners to provide cutting-edge, customized marketing and branding services to small businesses and corporate enterprises.  

Business leaders can create their own dedicated mobile app, where customers can track their loyalty points and rewards on the move. The platform also includes solutions for developing gift cards, points-based and gamification-focused programs, and even automated surveys. Repeat Rewards even offers other added service options, like assistance with direct mail marketing. 

→ Explore Repeat Rewards

Kangaroo Rewards 

Loyalty program software provider Kangaroo Rewards delivers a host of tools businesses can use to encourage loyalty and customer retention. The solutions are based on a combination of platform technology and specialist services offered by the Kangaroo team. Business leaders can work with the company to build strategies for referral marketing, loyalty points programs, and more.  

Plus, Kangaroo Rewards can also help organizations to learn more about their target audience with automated surveys and product review acquisition. There are even tools and resources available for companies who want to segment their most loyal customers and connect with them using automated marketing campaigns.  

→ Explore Kangaroo Rewards

GoMeeki (Ubiquity) 

The Ubiquity loyalty solution created by GoMeeki supports businesses in engaging their customers through mobile connections. The platform offered by the brand is an advanced digital solution which allows brands to tap into everything from analytics and intelligence to gamification, automated SMS and email marketing, and smart messaging.  

Companies can use the Ubiquity platform to build automated marketing campaigns across social media and other channels, design their own mobile applications, and even engage with customers proactively through chatbots and virtual assistants. Plus, there are built-in tools available for customer profile management and segmentation too.  

→ Explore GoMeeki (Ubiquity)

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