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Leading Loyalty Management Solutions in 2024

The Top Loyalty Management Software for 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Loyalty management software can be an incredible resource for growing brands. After all, loyal customers are the key to ensuring your company earns consistent revenue, year after year. Your loyal clients can help promote your brand to other consumers, and can even turbocharge your profits. 

Unfortunately, loyalty can be tricky to both build, and maintain, particularly in today’s landscape, where customer expectations are constantly evolving. As many as 3 in 5 customers say they’ve cut ties with a company because of bad customer service.  

That’s where loyalty management software comes in, giving companies the tools they need to foster deeper connections with customers, track sentiment, and minimize churn. To help you choose the best loyalty management software for 2024, we assessed the landscape to bring you this map of some of the top solutions around. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Loyalty Management Marketplace.

  • TapMango 
  • FiveStars 
  • Yoyo Wallet 
  • Open Loyalty 
  • Como 
  • Thanx 
  • Belly 
  • S Loyalty 
  • CrowdTwist (Oracle) 
  • Mass Mobile Apps 
  • Loyalty Lion 
  • Paytronix 
  • Preferred Patron 
  • LevelUp 
  • SailPlay 
  • Loyalty Gator 
  • Square Loyalty 
  • Kobie Loyalty Cloud 
  • ThirdShelf 
  • Zinrelo 
  • Loopy Loyalty 
  • Whisqr 
  • Repeat Rewards 
  • Kangaroo Rewards 
  • GoMeeki (Ubiquity) 


Offering loyalty management software tailored to the needs of restaurants and retailers, TapMango is a convenient platform for building customer relationships. The company provides organizations with a complete suite of innovative tools. You can use the toolkit to create and manage your own membership community, monitor business performance, and share promotional codes.  

Plus, TapMango allows companies to create digital “punch cards” and reward programs, customized to suit their brand and target audience. You can even enroll customers in a variety of ways, through customer-facing tablets, mobile apps, SMS/text messaging and more. There are even customer segmentation tools already built in.  

→ Explore TapMango 


Created by POS company SumUp, FiveStars is a loyalty management software provider giving companies numerous ways to interact with their audience. The platform combines payments, marketing tools, and rewards into a single solution for growth. You can set up customizable rewards and promotions, to boost engagement and lifetime value.  

Moreover, FiveStars has its own convenient mobile app solution, allowing customers to track their rewards and loyalty points over time. Additionally, business leaders can gain access to reports, insights, and analytics to track the growth and sentiment of their target audience. The simple automation workflows can even save teams time on nurturing prospects.   

→ Explore FiveStars 


The YoYo Group produces all kinds of powerful software, designed to support businesses in the creation of highly customizable loyalty programs. Companies can access “YoYo Pro”, for a custom-branded payment, ordering, and loyalty app in one. Alternatively, the YoYo API ensures organizations can build loyalty management solutions into their existing apps.  

More than just a solution for delivering rewards and points to customers, YoYo can assist companies with everything from attracting leads, to engaging consumers and tracking CX analytics. You can segment your customers based on a range of filters, and even deliver personalized marketing and sales campaigns to your audience automatically.  

→ Explore Yoyo Wallet 

Open Loyalty  

Open Loyalty takes a unique approach to delivering loyalty management software. The company’s API-first solution allows companies to customize and build their own loyalty strategies, with gamification, engagement tools, and a comprehensive loyalty points system. With Open Loyalty, companies get all the building blocks they need to capture and retain more customers.  

The elastic ecosystem and microservices architecture also allow brands to scale their loyalty strategy according to their specific needs. Open Loyalty takes privacy and data security seriously, following all applicable guidelines and policies when it comes to managing customer data. Plus, there are integration options available for CRM, CMS, and other systems. 

→ Explore Open Loyalty 


An all-in-one solution for customer engagement and loyalty, Como helps companies take a data-driven approach to building relationships with customers. The platform services over 1000 customers across 30 countries, and allows organizations to connect the dots between various tools. For instance, you can link your POS, online ordering, and other solutions to the loyalty system. 

With Como, companies can leverage AI solutions to discover new opportunities for generating revenue from existing customers. Plus, you can build personalized experiences with highly targeted messages, incentives, and gamification options. Como also supports businesses in managing transactions across different landscapes, from social media and website pages to mobile apps.   

→ Explore Como 


Focusing on the hospitality industry, Thanx offers solutions for guest engagement, loyalty, and personalization. The comprehensive platform gives companies in-depth insights into their customer funnel, to help them find new ways to boost conversions with automated campaigns. You can A/B test strategies with built-in experimentation tools, and build your own dedicated loyalty app.  

Thanx even allows companies to create and edit rewards in seconds, assigning and adjusting values, setting expiration dates, and more. As a bonus, companies also get access to automated cart abandonment marketing campaigns, to help reduce the risk of lost customers.  

→ Explore Thanx 


Loyalty management software provider, Belly, offers companies a customer-powered marketing solution for creating connections and strengthening customer relationships. The company delivers all of the critical tools companies need in one unified platform, combining loyalty programs, with reputation management tools, and automated marketing campaigns.  

Companies can leverage everything from powerful solutions for social media, to a comprehensive member network, designed for the food industry. There’s also the option to list your business on Belly’s app directory. Plus, companies can take advantage of comprehensive actionable insights, learning who their customers are, how they engage with their loyalty programs and more.  

→ Explore Belly 

S Loyalty 

Designed specifically for ecommerce companies using platforms like Shopify, S Loyalty gives organizations a range of tools for building stronger customer relationships. Companies can design rewards to delight customers, setting their own custom redemption layers and reward types. You can also run branded campaigns automatically, and schedule loyalty events.  

With in-depth insights and reporting tools built into the platform, S Loyalty also ensures companies can take advantage of rich personalization opportunities, to connect more effectively with each market segment. There are also built-in tools for sending notifications to shoppers when they’re browsing through a website. This means teams can remind their customers when they have points to redeem.   

→ Explore S Loyalty 

CrowdTwist (Oracle)   

Part of the comprehensive portfolio of tools and solutions offered by Oracle, CrowdTwist is an extensive loyalty and engagement solution. The offering helps companies to engage customers with omnichannel experiences and data capture solutions. There are options to build customer profiles, and segment customers into different groups for personalized marketing.  

CrowdTwist also makes it simple to manage and customize your loyalty programs in one place, with diverse reward offerings, and redemption tools. Plus, in-depth reporting and analytical solutions make it easier for companies to fully understand the needs of their customers, and update their campaigns with data-driven insights.  

→ Explore CrowdTwist (Oracle) 

Mass Mobile Apps  

Focusing on the mobile landscape, specialist software development company Mass Mobile Apps creates unique loyalty experiences for customers. Rather than simply offering brands a pre-built selection of templates and tools, the organization works hand-in-hand with brands to understand their target audience, and design bespoke loyalty strategies.  

Business leaders can manage their custom-created app using a tablet menu app, which offers numerous solutions for configuration and customization. Additionally, Mass Mobile Apps can also assist with SEO and SMM marketing on the behalf of its clients. Every application offering is priced according to the specific needs of the business.  

→ Explore Mass Mobile Apps 


Specializing in solutions for ecommerce vendors, LoyaltyLion is a loyalty management software provider, with an excellent reputation for converting buyers into loyal brand advocates. The company’s technology empowers organizations to supercharge their existing stores with branded loyalty programs, including custom rewards and incentives. 

Companies can also create referral programs, to help drive new revenue to their brand with the support of existing customers. The solution also integrates with existing marketing tools, such as email service providers, review platforms, and helpdesks. Users can also leverage email marketing automation in the Loyalty Lion platform.  

→ Explore Loyalty Lion 


Aligning all of the key components of “digital guest engagement” into a single platform, Paytronix specializes in engaging customers and driving loyalty. The company’s comprehensive suite of tools include solutions for loyalty program creation and management, digital ordering, gift cards, and marketing automation. You can even design your own mobile app.  

Paytronix gives organizations complete control over the loyalty experience, with custom points, tiers, and branding elements. Plus, there are tools available for tracking insights into program success, as well as CRM solutions for customer relationship management. Paytronix also works alongside more than 500 different apps and services from partner brands. 

→ Explore Paytronix 

Preferred Patron  

Serving companies from every industry, of any size, Preferred Patron is a popular customer loyalty software provider. The company offers access to flexible solutions, designed according to the specific needs of each company. With Preferred Patron, organizations can set up campaigns which include everything from cash back incentives, to consumer surveys and referral programs.  

You can leverage gamification tools to boost customer engagement, and take advantage of multiple different tiers of rewards. Plus, there’s even the option to combine your customer loyalty program with an employee recognition strategy. Preferred Patron can also help with customer data profile creation, CRM management, and lifetime value calculations. 

→ Explore Preferred Patron 


LevelUp creates best-in-class payments, mobile ordering, and loyalty experiences for restaurants and retail companies. Companies can create custom experiences with the help of the LevelUp team, diving into a comprehensive developer platform to make granular changes to their customer’s experience. The brand even supports organizations with omnichannel marketing and lead nurturing.  

Through the LevelUp platform, businesses can access an online portal, with dashboards for tracking the results of their campaigns, and key loyalty metrics. Plus, business leaders have the opportunity to adjust and manage their loyalty campaigns in real-time. This ensures organizations can easily upgrade and transform their loyalty strategies based on business insights.  

→ Explore LevelUp 


SailPlay, managed by the Retail Rocket Group, is a platform for developing and improving customer relationships. The all-in-one toolkit offered by SailPlay combines customer relationship management (CRM) software, loyalty program solutions, and marketing automation. There’s even an easy-to-use visual editor for creating omnichannel marketing campaigns.  

Alongside standard points-based loyalty programs, companies can also create special quests and tasks for program members. There are also gamification experiences, such as leaderboards, progress bars and badges. Plus, in-depth analytics and reports ensure companies can keep track of the ROI of their marketing activities and loyalty strategies.  

→ Explore SailPlay 

Loyalty Gator  

Offering cloud-based systems for gift cards, customer loyalty programs, and even employee engagement, Loyalty Gator offers a range of solutions to business leaders. The company specializes in helping companies to create custom programs unique to their brand and target audience. You can even integrate your program with thousands of popular applications.  

With Loyalty Gator, companies can create comprehensive referral campaigns, design loyalty programs with different point tiers, and more. Plus, the company offers a range of additional services, such as the option to create physical loyalty cards, automate email marketing, or design custom applications with developer support.  

→ Explore Loyalty Gator 

Square Loyalty  

An add-on solution for the Square Point of Sale (POS) software, Square Loyalty helps companies strengthen connections with consumers, and increase return purchases. You can enroll customers into the program from the point of sale app, and even track sales and opportunities from a convenient backend ecosystem.  

Square allows companies to send automated text messages to consumers when they earn points and rewards, so they’re always up to date on their status. Plus, you can use Square’s technology to instantly deliver rewards to consumers at the checkout in any environment. There’s even the option to create a QR code for your loyalty program. 

→ Explore Square Loyalty 


Kobie promises to help companies build enterprise value through the power of loyalty. The company’s end-to-end solutions cover everything from technology for the creation and management of loyalty programs, to support services. Named a loyalty management software leader by the Forrester team, Kobie’s team consists of a wide range of specialists in retail, travel, banking and more. 

The cloud-based software offered by the Kobie team is highly flexible and customizable, with the option to integrate with various martech systems and tools. Plus, companies can scale their solution with access to powerful data analytics, reports, and AI insights. 

→ Explore Kobie Loyalty Cloud 


The flexible loyalty management software from ThirdShelf gives companies a comprehensive range of tools for strengthening and building customer relationships. With the ecosystem, organizations can create comprehensive loyalty programs with custom rules, spend-based rewards and more. There are even tools to automatically reach out to customers that haven’t engaged for a while.  

The ThirdShelf platform can connect directly with your existing point of sale system, and includes email automation solutions for marketing. Plus, there’s a powerful reporting system in the back-end, which offers direct insights into which loyalty strategies drive the most conversions.  

→ Explore ThirdShelf 


SaaS leader Zinrelo produces loyalty management software solutions designed to help businesses grow with a data-driven approach to retention and engagement. The Zinrelo team combines technology with strategic consultation, data analytics, and more, to unlock, various levels of loyalty, from advocacy, to behavioral campaigns.  

Within the platform, companies can find omnichannel customer experience tools, integration options, and end-to-end analytics and reporting solutions. There are even data analytics tools for real-time insights, financial modelling, metrics and KPI benchmarking and more. Companies can even request a complete white-glove service, with a dedicated account team. 

→ Explore Zinrelo 

Loopy Loyalty  

Focusing on small businesses, Loopy Loyalty is a software solution with a broad range of useful features. The company can help organizations build digital stamp cards in a matter of minutes, and integrate them with popular solutions like Apple and Google wallet. Businesses can leverage segmentation and analytics to send personalized marketing messages to customers.  

Moreover, there’s a powerful reporting solution that allows companies to track the real financial benefits of their program and platforms. Loopy Loyalty also promises comprehensive security, with end-to-end encryption for transactions, and a private database. Plus, companies can even use location-based software to trigger messages for customers when they visit a store. 

→ Explore Loopy Loyalty 


Whisqr is a loyalty management software platform that empowers companies to create and manage programs tailored to their brand. Organizations can create branded digital loyalty cards and apps, with QR codes and automated notification options. Plus, the platform is highly customizable, with a robust code base and support for countless integrations via an open API.  

Whisqr’s solution comes with access to useful insights through reporting tools, and solutions for encouraging a range of customer behaviors, including referrals. You can even use Whisqr to reward customers for activities other than making a purchase, such as leaving a review on your website. There’s also a white label solution for teams in need of more support. 

→ Explore Whisqr 

Repeat Rewards  

Focusing on smaller businesses and independent companies, Repeat Rewards offers an affordable loyalty management software solution to teams. With the customizable platform, companies can build their own unique programs, with various reward tiers and types. You can also take advantage of fully automated workflows and marketing campaigns.  

With Repeat Rewards, companies can create comprehensive gift cards and direct mail marketing strategies, as well as sending surveys to consumers for direct feedback. There’s also the option to work with the organization’s development experts on the creation of a fully unique mobile app. Custom plans are also available for bespoke requests.  

→ Explore Repeat Rewards 

Kangaroo Rewards 

Combining loyalty management software with solutions for attracting referrals, and enhancing customer experiences, Kangaroo Rewards is a comprehensive platform. Companies can use the software to connect with customers online, in-person, or in-store on any screen. There are customizable rewards programs available, as well as marketing automation tools.  

To help companies build more personalized loyalty programs and strategies, Kangaroo Rewards also helps organizations learn about their customers with surveys and review acquisition. There are also tools available for segmenting customers into specific groups. Plus, Kangaroo rewards works with a range of business apps and tools.  

→ Explore Kangaroo Rewards 


Digital products company, GoMeeki, focuses on developing innovative engagement platforms and loyalty tools for growing businesses. The company’s Ubiquity engagement platform makes it easy to identify customer groups and segments, and connect with them through automated campaigns. There are also tools for creating fully branded mobile apps.  

Companies can use the Ubiquity platform for help with customer identity management, the development of mobile wallets and digital loyalty cards, and digital marketing strategies. There’s even the option to create coupon codes and discounts. Plus, GoMeeki offers a range of gamification tools, alongside analytics and insights for business growth.  

→ Explore GoMeeki (Ubiquity) 

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