Hot Off the Press 🔥 Our 2022 CX Market Guide Is Now Available

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Delve into the latest CX trends while picking up many tips and tricks along the way

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Hot Off the Press 🔥 Our 2022 CX Market Guide Is Now Available

The CX Market Guide is back, showcasing the latest and greatest trends from the world of CX.

Several industry experts introduce these hot topics by digging into numerous subsets or CX and pooling together specialist knowledge into one comprehensive guide.

Including contributions from analysts, practitioners, and companies striving to define the space, this year’s guide is our most in-depth overview of CX yet. And we are delighted to share it with you!

What’s In Our Market Guide?

With over 50 entries, our Market Guide underlines critical shifts in CX thinking. These contributions come in the form of punchy blogs, with writers sharing a whole host of insights based on their experiences and research.

Think of a cutting-edge online magazine split into sections so readers can quickly delve into the CX subsets that matter most to them. Well, that is our market guide!

Indeed, it includes chapters devoted to AI & Analytics, Customer Feedback, Contact Center, and many more high-priority arenas for CX teams. These sections are filled to the brim with big-picture insights. Consider the Customer Loyalty chapter as an example. It includes expert contributions that introduce new thinking in the realms of proactive CX, customer sentiment, and the net promoter score (NPS).

With lots of food for thought like this, readers will most likely uncover valuable snippets of information that cause them to rethink, reimagine, and transform their CX approach.

A Sneak Peek Preview

To whet the appetite, here is the opening section of the foreword, entitled: “It’s Time for CX to Take Center Stage”.

“CX becomes crucial for brands to survive, and to avoid disintermediation, irrelevancy, blandness, and/or cluelessness about customer sentiment.”

Every year, various CX publications, analysts, and vendors release articles listing an assortment of predictions for the year ahead. The most striking one? In 2022, Forrester takes the prize for the headline-stealing statement above.

Yet not every brand that claims to buy into CX will survive. After all, it is one thing to have created an ageing customer journey map – which lies still gathering dust – but it is another to actively engage in customer experience management and supercharge customer sentiment.

Delivering on a strategy that achieves precisely that is challenging. Indeed, there are many subsets of CX to get to grips with. Nevertheless, as we approach a critical era for CX, it becomes ever more essential for brands to understand these and how they are evolving.

Unpack more of this thought-provoking piece, alongside lots more, by checking out our 2022 CX Market Guide.

Download It Now!

Thankfully, our 2021 market guide received a warm reception and lots of downloads. Building on this success, we have pushed the boat out further, gathering even more top-notch contributions in the hope of exceeding expectations once again.

Did we do so? Find out for yourself by downloading our 2022 CX Market Guide today.


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