Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Review: PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Rebekah Carter

Exploring the Avaya cloud-based contact centre 

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Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Review: PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Companies are accelerating their transition to the cloud at an incredible rate lately. Driven by a new demand for flexibility and scalability, today’s businesses are turning to CCaaS as a future-proof solution for customer service. With Contact Centre as a Service offerings, business leaders can empower the hybrid workforce and prepare for unexpected events.  

Avaya, one of the best-known companies in the communication landscape, has recently introduced a state-of-the-art cloud contact centre solution for its customers. The Avaya OneCloud CCaaS environment is part of the comprehensive “OneCloud” solution for communication. This powerful, yet flexible cloud contact centre makes it easier to enhance the way customers and employees experience business interactions. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can accomplish with the Avaya Cloud Contact Centre. 

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Review: Features 

Avaya’s OneCloud CCaaS offering is built with flexibility in mind. Ready for the age of remote and hybrid work, this comprehensive contact centre ensures employees can deliver effortless customer interactions across all platforms from a single desktop environment. Business leaders can customise the agent desktop to suit individual needs, and even build actionable dashboards for supervisors. 

Within the Avaya ecosystem, it’s easy to fine-tune an amazing customer experience, with everything from omnichannel interactions to AI enhancements for self-service. Visual task editors even allow business leaders to build strategies for both outbound and inbound contact centre interactions. Features include: 

  • Connected touchpoints across messaging, chat, video, email, and social 
  • AI self-service with virtual assistants, chatbots and knowledgebase
  • Reporting and analytics with machine learning insights 
  • Workforce engagement with workflow task assignments 
  • Voice-to-text transcriptions for insights and compliance 
  • OneCloud access to collaboration and UCaaS tools 
  • Call recording and storage, plus screen recording 
  • Live monitoring and quality management  
  • PCI and HIPAA compliance among other compliance features 
  • Interactive voice response with AI self-service 
  • Intelligent routing with a range of routing patterns 
  • Business process orchestration with visual task editors 
  • Customer journey intelligence to anticipate customer needs
  • Live coaching, monitoring, and supervisor tools 
  • Integrations with leading CRMs and help-desk tools 
  • Global connectivity and cloud backups 

Built to enable all kinds of business operations, the OneCloud solution from Avaya empowers teams and gives business leaders the insights necessary to make the right decisions about where to invest business budget. Today’s Avaya customers can access everything from self-service automation options to intelligent routing to make conversations with clients better than ever. 

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Review: Benefits 

Ready to support businesses wherever their customer support agents might be, the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS environment is a global solution for customer service, with excellent reliability, and endless channels to choose from. Avaya OneCloud is available either as a standalone solution for cloud contact centre support or as part of a comprehensive UCaaS and CCaaS offering.  

All of the packages from Avaya OneCloud are built to suit the business in question, with a host of advanced features, like WebRTC voice, AI-powered automation, intelligent routing and call recording. The Avaya OneCloud team is also on-hand to offer any guidance you might need when setting up your service. Benefits include: 

  • Excellent business management: Companies can empower their employees with insights from different applications combined into a single, comprehensive view. Team members can answer and respond to conversations from multiple channels in one environment, and workforce engagement tools help business supervisors to keep an eye on performance. There are even easy-to-use visual task editors to help create workflows
  • Unified reporting and intelligence: Track important information about your employees and your customers with a comprehensive set of tools. Business leaders can access real-time and historical reporting to examine the customer journey in-depth. There’s also a range of integrations available with things like CRM and help-desk tools to ensure you get a more complete view of your clients
  • Omni-channel interactions: With Avaya OneCloud CCaaS you’ll always be ready to meet your customers where they need you most. Users can integrate common messaging channels like Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. All of your touchpoints are connected in the same environment, so it’s easier for teams to offer a more consistent and contextual experience to clients
  • Intelligent services: Intelligence is becoming a more common part of the contact centre environment. Avaya’s investments in AI include everything from intelligent routing to match customers with experts at speed, to self-service automation with chatbots and natural language processing. You can even develop intelligent IVR systems that solve customer problems on behalf of agents
  • Security, compliance, and reliability: Promising incredible uptime, excellent customer service, and access to a host of security features, the Avaya OneCloud environment is built for the business of today and tomorrow. Compliance with things like HIPAA and GDPR will even give you peace of mind in more monitored industries

With pricing options to suit a range of companies, the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS solution offers an easy way for businesses to digitally transform their customer experience strategies. You can even bring your own chatbot and embed custom communication channels into your contact centre.  

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Review: Verdict 

The perfect way for companies to leverage the digital landscape for excellent customer experiences, Avaya OneCloud is a comprehensive system, offering blended omnichannel communications and excellent AI tools. You can track important metrics from a range of different points throughout your business, access visual workflow orchestration features, and access a range of reporting features to share your insights with shareholders.  

Workforce engagement tools make it easy to ensure employee compliance and boost team performance. Plus, Avaya makes it easy to build customisable journeys for both inbound and outbound customer conversations. The Avaya customer service team is always on-hand to answer your questions and give you new insights into your cloud contact centre.  

If you’re looking for an effortless and flexible way to offer amazing digital experiences and enhance your contact centre, Avaya’s OneCloud offering has you covered.  



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