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Content Guru Storm Machine Agent Review
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Published: October 15, 2021

Rebekah Carter

In the age of digital customer experience, your clients expect faster, more convenient interactions. Today, virtually every consumer is already empowered by the online world. Your clients come to you through multiple channels, like SMS and chat, and they expect you to provide the same consistent experience from one avenue to the next.  

In this increasingly complex environment, it’s often difficult for companies to provide the 24/7 aligned support clients need. This is where solutions like the Storm Machine Agents from Content Guru come in. Created to reduce the pressure on human agents, Machine Agents are bots capable of responding to customer questions 24/7.  

The Storm Machine Agent provides contact centres with the always-on, AI-powered robotic workforce they need to supplement human employees and keep customers happy. Let’s take a closer look at what Storm Machine Agents can do.  

Storm Machine Agents Review: Features

As customers continue to demand more from the companies they interact with, business leaders are increasingly turning to bots and automated systems to supplement and support the human team. The storm Machine Agents from Content Guru are an excellent example of the kind of help available today. These AI-empowered tools can respond instantly to all kinds of customer questions and queries, no matter the time of day.  

Machine agents offer support and guidance and multiple levels of contact centre operations, with powerful AI capabilities to enhance end-to-end efficiency and provide seamless experiences for everyone involved. Features include: 

  • Instant 24/7 service for customers 
  • Self-service around-the-clock 
  • Natural language processing 
  • Quality and compliance tracking 
  • Image recognition 
  • Speech to text transcription 
  • Omni-channel interactions across video, chat, voice, and more 
  • Automated redaction of sensitive data 
  • Recording and reporting options 
  • Agent performance metrics 
  • Recording management according to sentiment and content
  • Flexible and scalable environment 

Perfect for use alongside the storm contact centre environment from Content Guru, the storm Machine Agent bots aren’t a solution intended to replace the human agent. Instead, these tools offer an excellent source of additional support for employees otherwise overworked and overwhelmed by the changing customer journey.  

The powerful AI-focused capabilities of Machine agents supplement existing human employees. Companies can even manage their human employees and robotic agents through the same storm FLOW service management tool.  

Storm Machine Agents Review: Benefits 

The storm Machine Agent offering from Content Guru is an excellent way for companies to access high-quality virtual agents without unnecessary complexity. Storm can access best-in-class capabilities from prominent hyper-scale engines like IBM Watson and Google Cloud, to ensure complex processes happen automatically, and at speed.  

The storm solution also works well with other Content Guru offerings and integrations, so you can build the intelligent environment best suited for your customers and team. Some of the most significant benefits of the Content Guru storm Machine Agents feature include: 

  • Automated self-service: Allowing customers to solve problems themselves takes some of the pressure off your employees. You can give your customers answers to their problems and solutions within a matter of seconds, through text, voice, and digital channels. The comprehensive storm Machine Agents environment also allows businesses to implement personalisation elements to make interactions more engaging
  • Intelligent NLP: Natural language processing technology allows the Machine Agents from Content Guru to analyse natural dialogue at scale and draw contextual meaning from conversations. With NLP, customers can interact with voice menus through natural speech, making self-service more intuitive. The NLP technology also allows for quick transcription of speech to text, so agents can get relevant data on demand 
  • Compliance at scale: When companies are scaling their customer experience strategies, it’s often difficult to monitor for compliance. Fortunately, automated speech-to-text functionality makes it easier to flag at-risk recordings automatically. Machine agents can also automatically group recordings based on content, sentiment, and agent performance metrics, so it’s easier to identify the information you need to improve service quality 
  • Image interactions: As visual channels become more common in the customer service environment, image recognition is growing more essential to the way we work. Image recognition in the storm Machine Agents will allow your bots to identify objects, places, people, and text in a matter of seconds, so you can use images as a communication tool at scale
  • Automation options: Intended to improve, not replace, the performance of your human agents, storm Machine Agents come with a range of automation options and customisations to suit the kind of business you want to run. Automated routing can free up agents, by determining when conversations can be handled by a bot, and when a customer might need the support of a human being

Who Needs Content Guru’s storm Machine Agents? 

If you’re already using the storm ecosystem for contact centre management, or you just need a better way to interact with customers at scale, the Machine Agents could be a great investment. Today’s companies are struggling to find ways of engaging their audience through multiple channels, in a world where instant responses are the standard.  

Content Guru’s storm Machine Agents enable quick and effective self-service, along with 24/7 access to information. The result is happier customers, and more empowered agents, who can focus their attention on the issues most in need of human creativity.  

Storm Machine Agents Review: Verdict 

Bots capable of empowering and enhancing the performance of human agents are growing increasingly common in today’s digital world. When your clients expect 24/7 service, it’s practically impossible to deliver results with human agents alone. Access to intelligent tools like the Content Guru Machine Agents means you can deliver on audience expectations, without putting human agents under increased pressure.  

Storm Machine Agents are an easy-to-use and scalable solution for competing in the age of fast, efficient, and omni-channel customer interactions.  



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