Freshdesk Omni-Channel Suite Review: Knowledge Base Access

Rebekah Carter

Delivering omni-channel support with Freshdesk 

Freshdesk Omni-Channel Suite Review: Knowledge Base Access

Staying ahead of customer expectations these days takes a lot of work. You don’t just need to ensure you’re delivering the right personalised experiences. You also need to ensure those experiences are consistent across every channel your consumer wants to use.  

Omni-channel customer service is a must-have in any industry today, with clients now contacting their favourite brands through everything from SMS to social media. Fortunately, solutions like Freshdesk Omni-channel ensure companies of all sizes can keep up with expectations. 

Part of the comprehensive Freshdesk portfolio, the “Omni-channel” offering enables companies to interact with their audience on the channels they choose, allowing for a more meaningful end-to-end experience. The platform already supports more than 50,000 businesses worldwide. Let’s explore what Freshdesk Omnichannel suite can do.  

Freshdesk Omni-Channel Suite Review: Features 

Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite offers a comprehensive support solution designed to deliver quick time-to-value. With the easy-to-use platform, agents can access an aligned inbox, where they can manage conversations across a host of channels, from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, Email, and more. The cloud-based system can naturally scale and flex to suit the needs of your business, making it easier to delight customers effortlessly as their channel preferences change. 

Aside from simply allowing companies to offer service across a wider range of channels, Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite also ensures agents have the context and automation features they need to understand each client and plan the next best action. According to Freshdesk, customers of the Omni-channel Suite achieve service productivity gains within 3 months. Features include: 

Freshdesk support desk:  

A comprehensive support system linked across all channels, so agents can understand customer needs and deliver results without needing to transfer the call. Features include: 

  • Collaboration (messaging and knowledge sharing) 
  • Knowledge base access 
  • Advanced agent routing 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Prescriptive next best actions 
  • Unified customer profiles 

Freshdesk messaging: 

End-to-end support across the digital channels customers love, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Features include: 

  • AI-powered chatbots 
  • One inbox for all messages 
  • Instant self-service solutions 
  • LINE, WhatsApp, Apple Business chat, Facebook, and more integrations 
  • Proactive insights into customer needs 
  • Neo API integrations 

Freshdesk contact centre 

A unified and straightforward environment where agents can provide exceptional voice interactions with a 360-degree view of the customer. Features include: 

  • AI capabilities and assistants 
  • End-to-end reporting 
  • BYOC scalability in over 90 countries 
  • Remote-ready support 
  • Live dashboards 
  • Post-call transcripts and recordings 
  • Call lifecycle information 
  • Transfer from chat to call at a click 
  • 360-degree view of customer context 

Freshdesk field service management 

A comprehensive toolkit for managing field service and remote agents, with routing based on availability, skillset, and proximity. Features include: 

  • Context across all channels 
  • No-code bots for automation 
  • Efficient scheduling dashboard 
  • Team tracking in real-time 
  • Mobile app access 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • More than 600 apps to integrate 

Essentially, the Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite is a selection of all the Freshdesk tools companies might need to provide a complete end-to-end experience for customers. The product package covers everything from global voice, to messaging on your customer’s favourite channels, and even field service management.  

Freshdesk Omni-Channel Suite ReviewBenefits 

Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite provides companies with an end-to-end selection of tools to empower everyone in the CX workforce. Whether you’re upgrading your contact centre, supporting field workers, or speeding up service tickets, Freshdesk has you covered. The NEO platform even allows you to innovate at a faster rate, with your own API integrations. 

The Freshdesk Omni-channel suite is an affordable, easy-to-understand and highly modular approach to next-level customer experience strategies. Some of the biggest benefits include: 

  • Improved productivity: With an all-in-one environment for tracking conversations across multiple channels, agents can deliver more meaningful experiences. The Freshdesk support desk makes it easy to track service tickets, collaborate with team members on challenging issues, and even automate tasks without a need for human input. With intuitive customer portals, you can even create self-service experiences to take more pressure off teams
  • Great for hybrid work: The Omni-channel Suite from Freshdesk seems perfectly designed for the era of hybrid work. Not only do agents get to maintain contextual insights into customers, but they can share data consistently with team members too – wherever they are. The highly flexible application comes with collaboration tools built-in, and mobile apps. There’s even scheduling technology available
  • Automation and AI: Artificial intelligence throughout the suite enables things like predictive analytics, to guide employees on what to do next, and self-service bots. There’s also a number of ways to automate various workflows and make staff more productive in a fast-paced CX environment. With the option to easily align multiple applications in the same environment, and create your own integrations through APIs, everything flows naturally. It’s easy to find ways of working smarter with Freshdesk
  • Flexible customer experience: Giving customers the experiences they expect on the channels they love isn’t just an option anymore. Fortunately, with Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite, you really do have access to all the channels you need, including voice, LINE, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, website chat, and WhatsApp. Your agents also get a unified inbox, so it’s easier to track conversations from one channel to the next
  • Field agent support: It’s easy to overlook the people not behind a desk with a lot of contact centre and CX tools, but Freshdesk doesn’t have that problem. A comprehensive system designed specifically for field agents makes it easier for companies to create amazing user experiences throughout the entire business ecosystem

Freshdesk Omni-Channel Suite Review: Verdict 

Built for the digital-first age, Freshdesk Omni-channel Suite is an excellent approach to giving customers the kind of meaningful experiences they demand. This end-to-end solution for field service, support, and customer experience is excellent for today’s modern teams. Even hybrid and remote workers can benefit from better alignment behind the scenes.  

With extensive contextual insights into customers and support from AI tools and automation, you can make your team more efficient and productive in no time. Plus, there’s plenty of insights and analytics to guide you as your CX strategy continues to evolve.  



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