HubSpot Service Hub Review: Exploring the Features and Benefits

Is HubSpot Service Hub the tool you need to deliver a better customer experience? 

HubSpot Service Hub Review Exploring the HubSpot Service Hub 
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Published: December 6, 2021

Rebekah Carter

It’s no secret that today’s customers expect more from the companies they buy from. Demands for exceptional service are higher than ever in a world where your clients expect instant solutions to their problems and ongoing support with every purchase. 

Unfortunately, providing the kind of exceptional service your customers are looking for isn’t always easy. To thrive, you need a way to deliver personalised, engaging, 24/7 service, through the channels your customers like most. It’s no wonder most service reps and business leaders are overwhelmed.  

The only way to survive in this competitive landscape is with access to the right technology. That’s where solutions like HubSpot Service Hub come in, to help you master your customer experience strategy, and stand out from the crowd. 

What is HubSpot Service Hub? Features 

HubSpot Service Hub is just one of the many “hub” software segments available from HubSpot, a leader in digital tools for service, sales, and marketing. Trusted by brands like GoFundMe, and Ocean Spray, HubSpot Service Hub is available either as a standalone product or as part of a complete suite of solutions from HubSpot.  

The Service Hub expands your support team’s capacity, improves customer relationships, and enhances customer service management at every stage of the client journey. Though the exact selection of features you get will depend on which package you purchase from HubSpot, the most popular Service Hub capabilities include: 

  • Automated customer service: Intelligent, automated customer self-service experiences with bots and pre-designed workflows 
  • Customer portals: Branded customer portals where customers can issue requests for support and track the progress of their tickets  
  • Live chat: Provide real-time assistance to customers and automatically route users to the right people on your services team
  • Contextual insights: Access information from your CRM and other customer data resources to create more personalised experiences
  • VoIP calling: Call clients directly from the HubSpot platform using VoIP software. Call logging and analytics are also included
  • Help desk and ticketing: Spend less time managing data entry and more time focusing on your customers. You can even create ticketing routes that prioritise critical issues
  • Knowledge base: Build an environment where customers and service agents can access the information they need quickly and easily

HubSpot’s Service Hub has a free version available, which comes with access to basic ticketing functionality, live chat, team email, tickets closed reporting, shared inbox technology, a reporting dashboard and contact management. There’s also the option to purchase Service Hub alongside the Sales and Marketing Hubs from HubSpot, for an end-to-end customer experience strategy. 

HubSpot Service Hub Review: Benefits 

The HubSpot Service Hub is a comprehensive environment where teams can improve their chances of deeper, more meaningful interactions with customers. Within this software ecosystem, you’ll find everything you need to serve your clients more effectively, including intelligent ticket and conversation routing, live chat, and even a shared inbox where you can track discussions. The more advanced your Service Hub package, the more powerful your features become, including features like help desk automation, playbooks, and 1:1 video messaging.  

HubSpot Service Hub is a highly flexible and scalable solution that allows users to start with access to free tools and invest in new technology and feature sets as the business begins to grow. Some of the major benefits of HubSpot Service Hub include: 

  • Intelligent help desk and ticketing features: Tracking customer service requests is easy with a combined inbox for your team, and a comprehensive ticket management system. You can add automatic routing to your tickets to ensure they get to the people most equipped to serve a customer’s problem. There’s also access to free help desk functionality if you’re just getting started out with a growing business
  • Self-service functionality: Customers are increasingly looking for companies that offer ways for them to solve their own problems before speaking to an agent. The HubSpot Service Hub comes with a range of ways to enable self-service, including a knowledgebase environment where you can provide all the answers to questions customers might have about your service or product. There are chatbots and automation tools to help with automating answers to common queries, and even customer portals where users can track tickets
  • Omni-channel service: Today’s clients want to be able to connect with brands on the channels they feel most comfortable with. Depending on your HubSpot Service Hub package, you’ll be able to connect through a range of platforms, including voice (with HubSpot VoIP), video, and even live chat. Each channel for communication comes with access to routing features to ensure users get sent to the right employees
  • Excellent insights: The Customer Service Hub from HubSpot helps you to not only serve your customers but learn more about them too. You can collect useful information within the reporting dashboard, and send customer feedback surveys to learn more about how you can impress your target audience. There’s also the option to create playbooks and set goals for your team members
  • Excellent collaboration: The HubSpot Service Hub is designed to enable excellent collaboration between the various members of your team, no matter where they are. Team management is easy with an administrator hub, and there’s access to things like a single sign-on for better security. Even remote employees can work successfully together

HubSpot Service Hub Review: Verdict 

HubSpot Service Hub is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use environment for service management. If you want to learn more about the customer journey and make sure you can deliver the meaningful experiences your clients are looking for, HubSpot Service Hub has you covered. 

The free version of the software means it’s easier for even smaller companies to start experimenting with service software. You can then upgrade and enhance your customer service strategy however you choose by diving deeper into the HubSpot Service hub, and the accompanying hubs in the HubSpot ecosystem.  



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