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Pipedrive CRM Review
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Published: August 26, 2021

Rebekah Carter

In an environment where customer experience is the key to business success, companies need an effective way to build stronger relationships with their clients. While a strong contact centre solution will allow you to reach your audience on their chosen platforms, CRM technology is how brands ensure they’re tracking the conversation they have with customers across each channel.  

With a tool like Pipedrive CRM, companies can improve their chances of sales, and strengthen brand loyalty, by building a better understanding of their customers. Pipedrive CRM is an efficient and straightforward CRM software, packaged with smart marketing and sales tools to increase your revenue.  

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Pipedrive CRM environment, and the features it offers for enhancing customer relationships.  

Pipedrive CRM: Features 

Pipedrive CRM is a comprehensive sale, customer management, and communication tracking solution. No matter which software pricing plan you choose, you get access to a comprehensive software ecosystem, with GDPR compliance, EU, and UK data centres, 24/7 support (via chat and email), and excellent extensibility.  

Pipedrive CRM comes with over 150 apps and integrations, as well as an open API environment. The components of the CRM solution are split into various key categories like: 

Managing leads and deals:

  • Deal management  
  • Custom fields 
  • Customisable pipelines 
  • Data import and export 
  • Merge duplicate data 
  • Deal rotting 
  • Product catalogues 

Tracking communications:

  • Contact and organisation management 
  • Data import and export 
  • Email inbox 
  • Two-way email sync 
  • Emails linked to deals and contracts 
  • Customisable email templates 
  • Merging fields 
  • Group email 
  • Email clicks and open tracking 
  • Sales docs 
  • Google Drive integration 
  • OneDrive integration 
  • Document open tracking 
  • Signatures 
  • Calling 
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • Calendar viewing and activity management 
  • Contact map 
  • File attachment 
  • Contacts map 
  • Custom signatures 

Document management:

  • Auto-filled templates and offline docs 
  • Google Drive and One Drive integration 
  • Document open tracking 
  • Workflow automation 
  • Smart contact data 
  • Activity reminder notifications 
  • Webhooks and API access 
  • Important fields 

Insights and reports:

  • Deal reports 
  • Activity reports 
  • Lead reports 
  • Custom revenue reports 
  • Revenue forecast reports 
  • Visual dashboards 
  • Team management 
  • Shareable dashboard links 
  • Team goals 
  • Open API and integrations 

Pipedrive CRM Review: Benefits 

The list of features available from Pipedrive CRM depends on the package you choose, but all solutions make it easier to manage leads, sales, and customers at all times. With this service, you’ll have access to a host of features to not only track customer interactions but learn more about your audience and their preferences.  

To make the solution even more attractive, Pipedrive CRM is extremely easy to use. The simplified user interface is incredibly straightforward. Some of the major benefits of this service include: 

  • Mobile apps and integrations: Pipedrive is perfect for an environment where the world of work is constantly changing. There are native mobile apps available for users on the move, with real-time syncing across all devices. You can also link a caller ID to a mobile account. The Pipedrive solution also comes with an Apps marketplace with more than 150 integrations to choose from, so you can create a comprehensive environment for customer relationships and lead management  
  • Excellent security: As a tool for managing customer information, Pipedrive takes security and privacy as seriously as possible. AES-256 encryption is built-in. Pipedrive is SOC 2 compliant, and it has world-class data storage. There are advanced user permissions, two-factor authentication, SAML SSO logins and more. You can also get specialist assistance from the support team if you have special requests
  • Exceptional reporting: Pipedrive CRM doesn’t just show you the communications you have with customers, it helps you understand what’s going on with your audience. Deal and activity reports are available at all times, along with insights into the company and user goals. For deeper insights, the open API allows you to connect Pipedrive to other tools. You can also access a range of pre-built app integrations
  • Automation options: The range of automation options offered by Pipedrive ensures you can improve the performance of your business in a range of different environments. You can automate workflows, create virtual sales assistants, and even set up activity reminders and notifications to keep you on track. There are so many tools for tracking and managing various documents and essential files in your workplace
  • Deep communication management: Pipedrive has everything today’s companies need to track and enhance communications with customers on a deeper level. You can build entire contact directories, email inboxes, access calling records, and schedule meetings all in the same place. There’s even the option to accelerate a phone call into a video meeting when you need more context

Who Needs Pipedrive CRM? 

Pipedrive CRM is a powerful, all-in-one solution for communication management and customer support. The solution, though rich in features, is incredibly easy to use, making it an excellent pick for smaller companies and on-the-move businesses. With the apps and integrations available in the Pipedrive ecosystem, businesses can easily gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, with end-to-end visibility, without compromising on security.  

The Pipedrive CRM environment is particularly valuable for sales teams who need a way to track long-term relationships with clients, follow up on conversations, and make the most of lead opportunities. The range of built-in sales tools make this product a great choice for qualifying leads and finding your most valuable customers.  

A variety of pricing options also makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to get the tools they need without breaking their budget. 

Pipedrive CRM: Verdict 

Pipedrive CRM is a fantastic choice for CRM solutions in businesses with sales requirements. This easy-to-use and adaptable tool can integrate with your existing services. There’s also an open API environment where you can build your own connections with the help of development tools within the Pipedrive environment. 

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your understanding of customers and build new opportunities for sales, Pipedrive CRM will give you the visibility and functionality you need.  




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