Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for Helpdesk Review: 360 Customer Journey

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A contact centre specifically for helpdesks 

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Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for Helpdesk Review: 360 Customer Journey

As customer experience strategies continue to evolve, companies need to ensure they have the right tools in place to empower employees and delight consumers. Enghouse Interactive, one of the leading providers of contact centre solutions in the modern age, offers a range of CCaaS systems for business leaders. Not only does the Enghouse team have adaptable solutions to suit the standard contact centre, but it can offer dedicated options for specific teams too.  

The Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for Helpdesks aims to support a changing ecosystem, where departmental and helpdesk environments need access to contact centre tools. The comprehensive cloud-based solution offers an opportunity for companies to boost helpdesk performance and enhance customer satisfaction with speed.  

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what you can accomplish with the Enghouse Interactive contact centre for helpdesks.  

Enghouse Contact Centre for Helpdesk: Features 

According to Enghouse, the traditional contact centre has evolved in recent years, from complex environments featuring rows of agents answering phones to departmental, smaller solutions. Enghouse Interactive contact centre for the Helpdesk is an all-in-one offering providing managers and employees with the tools they need to improve response times, boost productivity and control costs. 

With Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre for the helpdesk, companies can finally access all the solutions they need to provide an amazing customer experience through the helpdesk environment. Integrations with solutions like Cisco and Microsoft Office even allow you to combine productivity tools with contact centre systems. Features of Enghouse Interactive’s helpdesk contact centre solution include: 

  • Complete access to employee tracking tools for managers 
  • Insights into costs, response times and team performance 
  • Queue creation and call distribution 
  • Skill-based intelligent routing 
  • Automatically display customer records within applications 
  • Priority routing for VIP customers and crucial tasks 
  • Announcements to inform callers of planned outages 
  • Real-time dashboard reports and alerts 
  • CRM and directory integrations with tools like Salesforce 
  • Channels for team collaboration in the helpdesk environment 
  • Comprehensive contact centre tools for call management 
  • 360-degree view of the customer journey 
  • Support for leveraging existing infrastructure and tools 

The Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre built specifically for helpdesk environments provides helpdesk managers with the tools they need to generate positive results. You can access a host of valuable insights about your team, generate reports to share with stakeholders, and implement an intelligent routing strategy. You can even automatically deliver information about a customer to an agent when they answer the phone, to improve conversational context. 

Enghouse Contact Centre for Helpdesk: Benefits 

Customer experience is the number one differentiator in any business, and an important area of technology investment. The Enghouse contact centre for the helpdesk supports companies in ensuring customers reach the right people the first time, for quicker issue resolution. Built to enhance the efficiency and performance of the helpdesk ecosystem, the Enghouse Interactive contact centre helps companies to manage calls and conversations faster, and more efficiently.  

Tools for accessing all kinds of customer information improves the relevancy and context of each conversation, and Enghouse also allows companies to implement CRM and service management applications to get a more comprehensive customer view. Benefits include: 

  • Intelligent routing opportunities: Companies can align their helpdesk with intelligent, skills-based routing solutions, to ensure the right customer reaches the correct agent every time. The skills-based approach to call and conversation routing helps to improve the chances of first-time resolution and higher customer satisfaction. You can also implement in-queue announcements to keep customers informed of delays
  • Real-time insights into operations: Help managers and supervisors to make better workplace decisions with extensive real-time pictures into helpdesk performance. Enghouse Interactive shows your team exactly what’s happening in the business, with access to valuable metrics and KPIs. With the right insights, you’ll be able to address bottlenecks before they have a major impact on customer satisfaction
  • Extensive integrations: With Enghouse Interactive’s solution for the helpdesk, it’s easy to get a full view of the customer journey, with connections to CRM tools and employee directories. The more data you have from multiple locations within your customer journey strategy, the easier it is to offer a personalised and relevant experience. Integrations are available with multiple leading tools including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Smart channels: With smart channels, companies can ensure you process more of the conversations coming from your customers on different channels, without losing track. The channels environment means you can easily apply reporting, real-time monitoring, in-queue announcements, and skills-based routing to multiple voice and email communications. This provides a more comprehensive view of the customer 
  • Quickly adjust your strategy: As the workplace continues to evolve, Enghouse Interactive also gives companies the freedom to enhance and update their environment to suit their needs. You can implement additional solutions from Enghouse, and access features like screen pops and record notifications to reduce handling time. There’s also support for switching from skills-based routing to VIP routing when necessary

Who Needs Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for Helpdesks? 

If you have a helpdesk in your business environment and you want to make it more efficient and productive, Enghouse Interactive has you covered. The helpdesk solution offered by Enghouse doesn’t just handle queuing and routing calls to ensure your customers get faster results, it also delivers valuable information in real-time. 

Insights into customer interactions and performance levels make it easier to keep track of your help desk wherever your employees might be. At the same time, automatic screen pops for customer records from the CRM and other environments make it easy to contextualise conversations. 

Enghouse Interactive Helpdesk Contact Centre Review 

With Enghouse Interactive’s immersive contact centre solution for the helpdesk, companies can enhance their helpdesk operations like never before. Immersive insights, helpful routing solutions, and screen pops all build a more contextual and appealing experience for agents and end-users alike.  

With easy-to-implement functionality and a range of convenient channels for tracking conversations everywhere, Enghouse will give you a new behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on within your helpdesk environment, and what it really means to your future.  



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