Verint Customer Engagement Platform Review: A Scalable Ecosystem

The ultimate platform for empowered customer engagement? 

Verint Customer Engagement Platform Review

Published: September 14, 2021

Rebekah Carter

In today’s digital landscape, customers are increasingly searching for opportunities to work with companies that put their needs first. Your clients want relevant, personalised, and convenient experiences delivered across a range of channels. To achieve this, companies need to have access to the best software and tools.  

Verint, a market leader in customer experience innovation, supports business leaders in creating more meaningful experiences for their clients. The Verint Customer Engagement Platform is an all-in-one solution ready to scale from small business to large enterprise support. This comprehensive tool was named a leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement.  

Let’s explore what the Verint Customer Engagement Platform can do when it comes to unlocking better insights into CX at every touchpoint.  

Verint Customer Engagement Platform: Features

Verint’s Customer Engagement platform promises to unlock new avenues for improving customer satisfaction in the modern business landscape. Providing access to valuable data across every area of the business, the engagement platform helps business leaders to make intelligent decisions on how to grow. You can track everything from how your partner ecosystem to your employee environment influences end-user experience. 

With flexible options for deployment, businesses can choose to run the engagement platform either in the Verint cloud or through a customer cloud on-premises environment. Regardless of the deployment model you choose, you still get a reliable, scalable, and secure environment. Features of the Verint Customer Engagement platform include: 

  • Scalable ecosystem for all business sizes 
  • Flexible choices for deployment 
  • Verint Connect for API connections 
  • Secure and scalable architecture 
  • Data Hub for interactions across all touchpoints 
  • Verint Da Vinci AI and analytics 
  • Natural language processing 
  • Intent analytics engines 
  • Full access to Verint’s broad partner ecosystem 
  • Development tools to help clients easily integrate 

As a leader in flexible and scalable solutions for customer engagement, Verint has built the customer engagement platform to transform the way businesses work on a fundamental level. With the Engagement platform, companies can combine everything from CCaaS to compliance and fraud management tools in the same environment, creating a consistent flow of connected data.  

The all-in-one Verint Customer Engagement platform, combined with AI and Analytics from Verint Da Vinci, ensures business leaders can gain more accurate insights into the customer journey, and make stronger decisions about how to boost loyalty.  

Verint Customer Engagement Platform: Benefits 

As a unified space for tracking and understanding the customer journey, the Verint Customer Engagement Platform is primed to suit a range of use cases. The solution can help companies tap into tools like automation and AI to help improve functionality in the new future of work., Engagement data management tools mean you can collect more information about your target audience without running the risk of potential compliance issues.  

Verint’s Customer Engagement Platform also paves the way for new innovations in customer experience, with tools for analysing, automating, and enhancing the way businesses interact with customers. You can even set up self-service solutions for clients. Benefits include: 

  • Completely open cloud platform: Brands using the Verint cloud platform for customer engagement can break down silos in their teams and interact with customers across s arrange of environments. The open architecture and wide partner ecosystem offered by Verint makes it easy for companies to adapt their customer service strategy, building new integrations and leveraging APIs to make the tool even more valuable
  • Comprehensive insights: With the Verint Customer Engagement platform, companies can finally track all the elements of the customer journey, from the contact centre to in-branch conversations, back-office discussions, and self-service platforms. This helps to provide a more meaningful view of the path to purchase and could help brands to make better decisions about how to improve customer service
  • Cloud-native environment: The native cloud architecture of the Verint Customer Engagement platform supports multi-cloud initiatives with open, reliable, and secure cloud architecture options. All Verint applications share the same services to allow you to access new functionality with ease
  • Insightful analytics: The Da Vinci AI and analytics solution offered by Verint customer engagement makes it quick and easy to understand your customers and their needs in any environment. Intelligent insights embedded into the platform include advanced machine learning modules, intent insights, and analytics built around natural language processing
  • Flexible deployment choices: The Customer Engagement Platform from Verint runs primarily on the Verint Cloud. However, you can also access the functionality through the Verint Partner Cloud or Customer Cloud on-premises environments. No matter which deployment option you choose, you’ll have access to a reliable, open and scalable architecture  

Who Needs the Verint Customer Engagement Platform? 

A flexible and scalable solution to enhancing customer experience and building better insights, the Verint Customer Engagement Platform could be a valuable tool for almost any brand. Built to adjust to the needs of small and larger businesses alike, the versatile platform from Verint comes with a range of deployment options, and a host of tools to help you adapt your ecosystem to suit your needs. 

With Verint’s help, business leaders can even add the new functionality they need most to their Engagement platform, with access to immersive API tools and a host of valuable integration and development options. No matter how you choose to deploy your Verint solution, you’ll have the freedom to adapt your customer engagement ecosystem to suit any need. Whether you’re investing in digital transformation with new service strategies, or simply trying to empower your workforce, the Verint cloud platform has you covered.  

Verint Customer Engagement Platform: Verdict 

Verint’s Customer Engagement Platform forms an intuitive part of the Verint cloud ecosystem, allowing companies to unlock the potential of customer engagement across the enterprise environment. This powerful solution from Verint ensures businesses of all sizes, from all backgrounds, can create differentiated experiences at scale, and rethink processes to collect and analyse interaction data.  

If you want a full engagement platform that can scale and transform with your business needs, Verint’s Customer Engagement solution could be the ideal offering for you.  



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