Verint WFM Review: Full-featured Cloud Deployment

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Verint WFM Review: Full-featured Cloud Deployment

Managing a modern team can be quite a challenge these days. The rise of hybrid and remote working means team leaders need to engage and motivate employees distributed all over the world. Fortunately, the right technology can make a huge difference.  

Verint Workforce Management is a unique platform made by the Verint team, to enhance the way employees work together in a changing environment. The Verint WFM offering promises companies an opportunity to rethink the way the workforce operates, with a convenient set of tools, all intended to give you better insights into your workflow, and more opportunities for growth.  

The WFM offering has already delivered incredible benefits to a range of companies. For instance, USANA says they answer 90% of calls within 30 seconds with this technology, and Guardian Life reported a 30% reduction in overtime. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Verint Workforce Management Review: Features 

Created by the digital experts at Verint, the WFM system transforms the way business leaders, managers, and supervisors track, motivate, and empower their teams. Particularly valuable in the new world of hybrid work, this workforce management solution provides an end-to-end view into your employee environment, giving you the power to upgrade customer experiences. 

According to Verint, the WFM technology, based in the cloud, will give companies the tools they need to understand how changes in employee performance influence customer satisfaction levels. The solution also helps with employee satisfaction, by ensuring every member of your team gets the information they need to work productively. Features include: 

  • Quick and easy schedule creation 
  • Full-featured cloud deployment 
  • Flexible schedule and shift changes 
  • Assignments and tasks with deadline tracking 
  • Task and channel switching 
  • Flexible time-off requests 
  • Mobile applications for agents and supervisors 
  • Automated approval rules 
  • Activity-based scheduling 
  • Backlog and ageing 
  • Labour model and position planning 
  • Quick remote provisioning 

The full Verint workforce management solution can also feature a range of additional modular features, like enterprise recording, for all kinds of communications, text and speech analysis, transcription, workforce performance management, and automatic quality reporting.  

Verint’s offering works anywhere, with a range of cloud environments, so you can quickly and easily track employee performance, assign tasks, and manage shifts wherever your business takes you. The addition of mobile applications customised for agents and supervisors is particularly valuable in an age where team members are spending more time working away from the office.  

Verint Workforce Management Review: Benefits 

The Verint Workforce Management platform is just one tool offered by Verint to enhance the current workplace. The solution is available alongside workforce optimization tools, knowledge management services, back-office workforce engagement measurements, and even automated quality management tools. You can even align your workforce engagement platform with desktop and process analytics. Verint workforce management helps companies of all sizes to easily and accurately forecast and schedule employees while giving them the flexibility they need in a new world.  

With Verint WFM, companies can easily establish appropriate staffing levels to meet changing customer demands across various product lines, locations, work queues, and channels. You can even schedule staff based on their shift preferences, skills, and more. Benefits include: 

  • Flexibility for hybrid work: In the new world of hybrid and remote working, companies must be as flexible with their staffing as possible. The workforce management application from Verint comes with mobile access for supervisors and agents, which allows employees to manage schedules on the move. You can arrange flexible time-off requests, channel and task switching and shift swaps in the same space. Automated approval rules also mean managers don’t have to spend all their time approving changes
  • Full enterprise operations: Verint’s purpose-built workforce management and engagement solution make it quick and easy to handle back-office operations, branches, and various enterprise environments in one location. You can access activity-based scheduling with volume requirements and deadlines. There’s also access to a host of labour modelling tools for companies who need to handle things like regional float pools and roaming specialists
  • Simplicity: With Verint’s cloud-based approach to workforce management, business leaders can enjoy a more secure, powerful, and reliable way to manage employees without the hassle. You can implement new updates to the software without expenses or confusion, and provision new users in seconds. The market-leading high-availability platform continues to work no matter what, giving you the peace of mind you need to keep operating
  • Open API architecture: Workforce management tools, like many essential pieces of software in the modern world, work best when they’re aligned with your existing technology. The open API-first architecture of Verint works with any ACD of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about limited features when you’re shifting to the cloud environment. The solution also works alongside Verint’s powerful tools, like workforce optimization, desktop analytics, and automated quality management
  • Extensibility: Start with workforce management and gradually improve your functionality with new features. The Verint workforce management ecosystem can offer everything from automated quality processes to performance management tools, to help you get a better insight into employee satisfaction and efficiency. The full Verint ecosystem can also include tools like enterprise recording for collecting contextual data, and speech or text analysis to get more insight into sentiment

Verint WFM Review: Verdict 

If you’re looking for an award-winning solution to help you improve the productivity of your team, while unlocking better customer experiences, Verint has you covered. The Verint Workforce Management system is available as part of the comprehensive Workforce Engagement portfolio from Verint. This solution offers everything businesses need to better understand their audience, deliver better outcomes, and maximize employee performance.  

Whether you access simple features like cloud-based scheduling and shift management, or you want to expand with things like automated quality management and optimisation, Verint’s solution is an incredible tool. The system is streamlined and easy to use, with customizations to suit almost any business, in any environment.  

For boosting not just customer relationships, but employee connections too, Verint WFM is a great investment that’s sure to deliver results.  



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