Wireless Earbuds Don’t Have to be Costly: Ask JLab

Moshe Beauford

JLab's new $49 wireless earbuds are compact and Bluetooth 5 enabled

Wireless Earbuds Don’t Have to be Costly: Ask JLab

We’ve come a long way from the early days of business headsets. They are no longer bulky and uncomfortable. Business headsets are becoming slimmer and more portable by the day. JLab Audio recently released its latest wireless earbud, Air True Wireless. They epitomize next-generation workplace earbuds and have a slick design. JLab Audio packed the earbuds full of features that offer call and contact center employees increased mobility. With this newfound mobility, they can take calls on the go with reliable stereo sound.

JLab CEO, Win Cramer, said:

“Our original JBuds Air were an immediate success, offering unsurpassed technology at an accessible price point – and growing the Air family will be truly groundbreaking for the headphone category”

“The JBuds Air family offer a truly wireless experience for everyone and at a price for everyone too. The technology we pack into the earbuds– dual microphones, Be Aware and C3 Sound – is unheard of for a headphone at any price.”

For call and contact center employees, mobility can be an issue. Legacy systems may make them feel tied to their desk. JLab offers a unique value proposition for enterprises with call and contact centers, inexpensive wireless earbuds with quality sound and 13-to-14 hours of battery life. Oh, and there’s the innovative chagrining case that provides 10 more hours of use time as well.

Benefits of JLab Audio’s JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds

What is great about the Air True Wireless Earbuds by JLab Audio is that call, and contact center agents can use the built-in microphone to activate Google Assistant and Siri. If implemented across an organization, JLabs Audio’s wireless headset could increase productivity by enabling employees to access their own G Suite calendar to manage work tasks while multitasking.

Always ready to charge: JLab Audio’s JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds are always ready to charge. The earbuds are perfect for salespersons, executives and call/contact center agents on the go. There is a small USB cable built into JBuds’ compact charging case.

JBuds-Air Charging Cable

JBuds-Air Charging Cable

It folds into the bottom of the case, for easy storage and convenient charging no matter where you are. JLab Audio has given this small convenience some thought. It more than caters to those who don’t want to lug around extra charging cables. You can charge the earbuds a few times on a single case charge.

Bluetooth 5 Enabled: JLab Audio uses Bluetooth 5 technology, and I have to say – it is excellent. A word of caution, your phone must have Bluetooth 5 capabilities to reap the benefits of Bluetooth 5, which include better speed and a wider range of coverage.

There are also three EQ sound settings:

  • JLab Signature
  • Balanced
  • Bass Boost

Bottom Line

It is clear that JLab wants to take wireless earbuds to the next level. The combination of affordable pricing and quality sound, paired with features such as the use of Virtual Assistants like Google Assistant, and Siri – JLab Audio is on the right track. I give JLab Audio 4.5/5 stars for the forward-thinking design of cost-effective wireless earbuds.

JBuds Air Wireless Earbuds offer all these features at an incredible value. For $49 per pair, SMBs, and possibly even large enterprises, and some contact centers could upgrade to JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds.

It might just prove a wise business decision.

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