Cognigy Releases Knowledge AI Contact Center Solution

The vendor aims to assist businesses in more quickly creating powerful AI-fueled agent experiences

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Published: August 30, 2023

James Stephen

Cognigy has launched its Knowledge AI solution that aims to rapidly furnish contact centers with enhanced AI agents.

The solution will strive to do so through a combination of generative question answering, enterprise knowledge, and hyper-personalized interactions.

Cognigy, which brings “the most cutting-edge AI technology on the market” to the customer service industry, believes Knowledge AI is ready to transform agent support by utilizing both LLMs (Large Language Models) and advanced vector search technology.

Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-Founder of Cognigy, spoke about the new solution:

Cognigy Knowledge AI is enterprise-class, safe and secure Generative AI-powered knowledge search and retrieval.

“As market leaders in transforming customer service and agent support, we continue to enhance our offerings with the latest AI innovations – with the intentions of making technology easy to use and empowering businesses to provide unparalleled service experiences.”

According to the Magic Quadrant leading vendor, the demand for AI in contact centers is motivated by the offer of efficient and straightforward interactions from a customer perspective, as well as cutting operational costs and improving data-driven decision-making.

A study by Data Bridge Market Research affirms the notion that AI technology is on the rise, forecasting it to reach $7.5 billion by 2030.

Cognigy says it recognizes how “daunting” generative AI and LLMs can be, with some customer service teams left unable to make proper use of the technology. It has, therefore, resolved to make AI easier to use and more accessible.

Cognigy Knowledge AI Features

First, Automate Q&A query resolution aims to enables customers to instantly locate the information they need with advanced vector search technology and LLMs. It also works with a diverse range of knowledge sources to obtain and summarise the necessary information to answer customer questions.

Hyper-personalized interactions result from a “seamless” CRM integration. This allows Cognigy’s AI agents to build upon standard answers by customizing information to each customer, which helps to raise customer satisfaction and loyalty via top-rate service experiences.

Cognigy also notes that its solution is transaction-ready to give customers the ability to achieve their purchasing goals in a single interaction. Deep backend integrations enable Cognigy to incorporate Knowledge AI, serving and solving transactional queries.

Agents may also take advantage of Cognigy’s knowledge shortcut, which allows team members, whether they are experienced or new, to access information from internal documents to deliver an improved service for customers.

Finally, Cognigy strives to enhance enterprise efficiency by removing manual creation and maintenance of FAQ sets. Users may upload documents as a PDF file or simply connected to enterprise knowledge sources.

Elsewhere, Cognigy extended its partnership with Avaya  to form a conversational AI alliance that serves Avaya’s contact center customers.



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