Ellipsis Health Closes $26M for Behavioural Health Voice Testing

Sandra Radlovački

Startup uses voice tech and AI to help users identify signs of behaviour health

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Ellipsis Health Closes $26M for Behavioural Health Voice Testing

Depression and anxiety voice test developer Ellipsis Health has closed a $26 million Series A funding round led by SJF Ventures.

The startup uses voice tech and AI to identify signs of behavioural health and help screen for those who may need counseling and other care before they even visit a professional.

Ellipsis Health developed a vocal stress test with healthcare giant Cigna incorporated into a mobile app that asks a user questions and collects under a minute of the sound of their voice.

The startup’s AI model analyses both the language used and the sound of their voice for indicators of stress, depression, and anxiety. The result can be useful for spotting those in need of professional mental and behavioral healthcare. The software is designed to connect to the digital platforms of healthcare providers to streamline the process of getting help. The assessment can also be used for those already seeing a therapist or other professional to measure their progress between appointments.

Ellipsis CEO Mainul Mondal wrote in a blog post:

“We have the tools to pioneer a new clinical standard and to remove the guesswork surrounding mental health care. At Ellipsis Health, we have combined scientific leadership and deep clinical expertise to drive the industry into a brighter and more equitable tomorrow.”

“We can level the playing field and ensure all people can achieve mentally and physically healthy lives with our voice vital sign.”

Voice AI as a health measurement tool is becoming more common. Vocal biomarkers are how Vocalis Health designed a voice test for COVID-19 that accurately determines infection 81.2% of the time. Voca.ai also worked on the idea, partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to build a database of voices for assessing COVID-19 infection by examining the sound of someone’s voice and their cough.

“As a society, we must embrace and promote the power of measurement-based mental health care”, added Mondal.

”We, along with our innovative and forward-thinking partners including Cigna Corporation’s international business, are dedicated to advancing voice technology for behavioral health treatment and revolutionizing access to depression and anxiety identification and management.”



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