Talkdesk Reveals Fresh GenAI Capabilities for Retail Users

The features aim to deliver “deeper” self-service use cases and enhanced real-time insights.

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Published: June 12, 2024

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Talkdesk has announced a range of generative AI (GenAI) improvements aimed at supporting its retail users.

Revealed at the CommerceNext event in New York, the key aspects of the new features are enhanced self-service capabilities and access to more sophisticated insights.

The enhancements will be available on the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud – an out-of-the-box customer service platform designed specifically for retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods brands – with the company promising to help brands deliver “seamless customer experiences.”

The self-service improvements will also benefit from Talkdesk Autopilot for Retail, which will be deployed to provide preconfigured GenAI-powered use cases – empowering retailers by automatically solving typical but intricate customer service issues through self-service solutions.

Ed Durbin, Vice President of Retail Strategy at Talkdesk, explained how the GenAI enhancements will also help to deliver superior business results:

Consumers’ customer service expectations are on the rise, especially in retail, so it’s critical for brands to deliver an AI-powered journey that ensures an excellent experience while driving retailers’ business outcomes.

“We are focused on giving retailers innovative AI capabilities that allow them to stay ahead of their own customers’ needs and drive brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, right out of the box, from day one.”

With Durbin promising a number of significant CX improvements, let’s take a closer look at these new GenAI-powered features.

GenAI to the Rescue

By leveraging GenAI, Talkdesk’s Retail Experience Cloud will allow agents to monitor shoppers’ carts in real-time and offer personalized assistance.

In doing so, the company believes that the solution will enhance business value by boosting average order value, customer satisfaction, and items per order.

In addition, consumers will gain a greater level of control over large orders, with the capacity to modify individual items without canceling the entire order.

The tool also has the ability to link with location directories, allowing users to provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their physical location.

Regarding Talkdesk Autopilot for Retail, its GenAI revamp will enable it to automate typical customer queries concerning orders, shipments, and deliveries.

Furthermore, retailers will be equipped with the tools to offer seamless, 24/7 self-service experiences to customers, due to deep integration into retail systems.

In discussing the news, Rita Michaud – Director of CX Enterprise Project Management at Serta Simmons – outlined how the GenAI enhancements will impact the company’s relationship with Talkdesk:

“What I really love about Talkdesk is our partnership. They are always there when we need them, and they are constantly enabling better, more efficient ways for us to deliver exceptional customer experience.

AI will be a game-changer in CX, and we’re happy to have a partner like Talkdesk who is leading the way.

More News from Talkdesk

The latest revelation is the second GenAI-related announcement from Talkdesk in the past few weeks, with the tech firm unveiling several additional tools in early June.

The key goal of the first release was to “eliminate bad customer experiences,” by enhancing personalization and eliminating frustrating IVR menus.

The solutions, Navigator and Mood Insights, utilize GenAI to empower agents to tailor content and recommendations to individual customer profiles.

With Navigator facilitatiing hyper-personalization by offering intuitive, context-aware interaction orchestration, along with automation and natural conversation features. This allows customers to express their needs in their own words, bypassing complex IVR menus.

Elsewhere, Talkdesk and Cognizant announced that they would be teaming up to bring Talkdesk’s Industry Experience Clouds to global enterprises.

The partnership expands Talkdesk’s support services by providing access to Cognizant’s CX consulting expertise. Cognizant will assist Talkdesk customers in initiating and improving their Industry Experience Cloud deployments, which may involve integrating various forms of AI utilizing industry-specific data.

Speaking at the time, Al Caravelli, Talkdesk’s SVP of Partnerships and Alliances, highlighted the importance of the collaboration in helping businesses implement GenAI in their service operations:

Many enterprise organizations trust Cognizant to help them modernize and transform their customer experience, and through this collaboration, we look forward to bringing our GenAI offerings to more enterprises.

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