The ROI of SMS: What Is Possible? 

Why Your Organization Should Make SMS a Strategic Tool  

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The ROI of SMS What Is Possible - CX Today
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Last Edited: February 27, 2023

John Flood

John Flood

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life,” Bill Gates said.   

Look around today. SMS was once an option. But now how can we live a day without it?  

To this point, 86.41 percent of the world’s population currently owns a smartphone. From these – alongside desktops and tablets - they’ll send hundreds of billions of SMS messages every day.   

Consumers expect SMS capability from the brands and organizations they rely on. It’s not merely a want. It’s a need.   

Indeed, everyone relies on SMS. From medical clinics to government organizations; from car repair shops to Amazon delivery updates. We message family and friends – and they message us. It’s part of the warp and woof of human life.  

The SMS Advantage

For companies and organizations, there should be no question that SMS is a strategic platform for growth and brand awareness. The numbers speak for themselves. SMS has a 98 percent open rate; a 30 percent response rate; and a global reach of 7 billion users.   

“The smartphone is an extension of oneself,” said Ilja Gorelik, COO of Mitto. “We can’t live or work without them.   

“Millions of consumers communicate with their favorite brands via SMS, chat apps, and social channels. It’s an indispensable tool for customer engagement.”


According to a report from Mitto, a leader in omnichannel communications and SMS platforms, brands that implement omnichannel strategies, including SMS solutions, had the following results.  

  • Four times more likely to report highly loyal customers.  
  • Three times more likely to have significant increases in revenue growth.   
  • Three times more likely that customer experience was rated an ‘A.’  
  • Three times more likely that they will increase their investment in the customer experience.  
  • Two times more likely to respond to customers in real-time or in less than an hour.   

What’s Driving These Results?

SMS is a high-impact, low-cost method to communicate and build a brand. Compared to email, with an open rate of 25 percent, SMS has an unquestionable advantage.  

It can increase revenue with marketing campaigns. SMS can alert customers about special offers and convenient payment options such as credit cards and mobile payments via SMS.  

It improves customer satisfaction by providing ongoing support with shipment notifications, appointment reminders, and available inventory.   

Finally, it’s a powerful way to increase customer loyalty and increase retention rates with SMS loyalty programs.  

Will Messaging Apps Spell the Demise of SMS?

Nine of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with brands via text messages. Fifty percent of consumers prefer texts over telephone calls. In 2023, mobile advertising spending is forecast to surpass $339 billion.   

These statistics, alongside the robust ROI it offers, suggest that SMS will remain an effective channel for the future.  

Increase Your ROI With the Mitto SMS Platform

Mitto’s SMS solution is an AI-powered routing platform that runs customer traffic through a self-adjusting, carrier-grade system, checking every potential route before selecting the best path.   

It’s an end-to-end monitoring system that sends a test SMS to a network of mobile devices worldwide. AI identifies message types, prioritizes them by the best delivery speed, and ensures that routes are changed before problems are detected.   

Customers rely on SMS. Can you afford not to?  

Click here to learn more about Mitto’s SMS solutions.  


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