CEO Chat: Mike Burkland, Five9

Mike Burkland, CEO at Five9, speaks with Dave Michels, Lead Analyst at TalkingPointz

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Published: March 27, 2024

Dave Michels

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Discover the latest insights and innovations in AI-driven customer experience solutions with Mike Burkland, CEO of Five9, as he speaks with Dave Michels, Lead Analyst at TalkingPointz. They discuss the transformative journey of Project Surge and the future of customer engagement.

In this exclusive video, delve into the highlights from recent industry events like Enterprise Connect, where Five9 showcased its commitment to AI innovation and customer-first culture. Learn how Project Surge represents an acceleration of investments towards revolutionizing customer experiences.

With a compound annual growth rate in the mid-30s over the past 16 years, Five9 continues to lead the charge in the dynamic landscape of CX. Explore the three major trends driving growth: the shift to cloud solutions, the strategic nature of CX, and the pivotal role of AI in enhancing customer interactions.

Gain insights into Five9’s WEM (Workforce Engagement Management) strategy, emphasizing best-of-breed solutions and customer choice to optimize agent performance and elevate the overall CX.

Dive into the strategic acquisition of ACS (Access Control Server), bolstering Five9’s capabilities in data integration and seamless migration of enterprises to cloud-based solutions.

Join the conversation as Mike Burkland shares his vision for delivering joyful customer experiences, powered by connected, seamless, effortless, and personalized interactions throughout the customer journey.

Discover expert insights with Dave Michels, principal analyst at TalkingPointz and author of the TalkingPointz Insider report. Dive into a concise, in-depth analysis of enterprise communications. Choose from free or premium subscriptions at TalkingPointz.

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