Medallia’s Latest AI Innovations Promise Premium Personalization

Will Medallia's latest GenAI-powered innovations be a CX game-changer?

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Published: February 6, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Medallia has launched four AI innovations that it claims will “transform how companies use generative AI to deliver more personalized experiences across every interaction.”

Through the implementation of scalable AI and intelligent automation, the innovations aim to radically alter how contact centers view personalization by individualizing experiences in a “cost-effective” and “responsible” manner.

The innovations aim to alter how contact centers view personalization.

Joe Tyrrell, CEO of Medallia, said: “These incredible new generative AI solutions will not only streamline workflows but also keep people in the driver’s seat to improve customer and employee experience.

Our vision is for a future driven by responsible AI, built to continually adapt to new information at every point across the customer and employee journey, dynamically training itself with each new signal to empower humans to do better work and organizations to personalize every experience.

Despite the focus on personalization, Medallia assures its users that their data privacy is of the utmost importance.

Like existing Medallia solutions, the latest innovations will be housed in its Experience Cloud and have been developed with guidance from Medallia’s AI Moderation Council with strict adherence to data protection and ethical use of AI protocols.

So, what exactly are these groundbreaking solutions? Without further ado, meet Medallia’s four game-changing AI innovations:

Ask Athena

Aptly named after a Greek goddess who was synonymous with wisdom, the first of Medallia’s AI innovations is the agent assistant, Ask Athena.

Athena uses a company’s experience data to allow users to ask conversational questions about areas such as customer segments and feedback records – simplifying the process of exploring data and uncovering insights.

Intelligent Summaries

With a promise to save frontline employees “hundreds of hours”, the Intelligent Summaries solution will perhaps prove to be the most enticing for contact center managers.

By automatically summarizing all interactions and making them easily accessible, agents can seamlessly peruse the data for the most important information, be it reasons for contact, issue resolution, or customer satisfaction.

Smart Response

With a focus on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, Smart Response deploys GenAI to automatically provide conversational, personalized responses to specific feedback.

Not only does this free up agents while ensuring that each piece of feedback that warrants a reply receives one, but by making the responses editable, agents maintain the final say on what is sent out and can add offers/recommendations as they see fit.


Working in tandem with Intelligent Summaries, Themes promises to provide users of all levels with the ability to streamline root cause analysis and data exploration while obtaining more granular and action-oriented insights.

Themes promises to provide users of all levels with the ability to streamline root cause analysis and data exploration, while obtaining more granular and action-oriented insights.

These insights can be used to track emerging trends in reporting over time, meaning businesses can more easily understand how and why KPIs change.

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