Qualtrics Rivals SurveyMonkey and Typeform with New ‘Delighted Surveys’

The latest survey tool offers its most comprehensive experience yet

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Published: October 27, 2023

James Stephen

Qualtrics has released its most advanced survey experience offering, “Delighted Surveys”.

The VoC leader believes the solution can compete from a feature perspective with the likes of SurveyMonkey and Typeform.

The survey tool differentiates from previous Delighted templates like NPS, CSAT, CES, and others by enabling users to start surveys from scratch, collect customer insights, and build and share reports.

It also creates flexible survey question designs and utilizes generative AI capabilities.

Moreover, teams can collaborate using Surveys to conduct market research, gain product roadmap suggestions, find out which competitors customers like, leverage audience insights tools, and more.

Alex Bischoff, Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Delighted, explains how Delighted Surveys came to fruition: “We founded Delighted 10 years ago with a simple mission – to create an effortless solution for collecting NPS feedback.

“Unable to find a suitable tool in the marketplace, we took matters into our own hands and built a customer experience management platform used by companies like Allbirds, Doordash, PayPal, and 15,000 more.

“Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve applied that same design philosophy to another aspect of feedback collection: the all-purpose survey.

Surveys is our most-requested product, and we have spent the past year closely collaborating with our customers, understanding their pain points, and developing a product that we hope will exceed their expectations.

Ten Key Benefits of Delighted Surveys

Delighted’s blog post introducing the survey tool sets out ten key advantages:

  1. Delighted Surveys is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to create customizable surveys within minutes.
  2. Teams will be able to easily work together throughout every step of the process. Input can be made by anyone, from survey editors to external stakeholders, using a shareable link. Its Slack and Webhooks integrations help to further boost its collaboration capabilities.
  3. Surveys include brand customization options when it comes to logos, colors, and fonts. The experience can also incorporate a welcome and thank you message that captures your brand identity.
  4. Different information types call for flexible question formats, according to Qualtrics. It has, therefore, included question types like multiple choice, text, numerical scale, and graphic scale options.
  5. Recommended questions relating to sentiment, marketing, product, service, as well as demographics have been built into the interface. These questions have been taken from the Qualtrics community’s most frequently asked questions and have been proven to generate actionable insights.
  6. Using a customizable question flow, users can create seamless surveys based on previous answers with Logic. As a result, survey bias is reduced, and respondent engagement is improved. Answer options can even be randomized to provide ‘other’ open-text options.
  7. Digital Surveys has been optimized for mobile, enabling on-the-go access to survey creation and trend discovery tools from your smartphone.
  8. In-platform analysis allows you to compare questions to one another and find correlations. You can also categorize free text responses with tags to create summaries for your team.
  9. Visualise survey responses and share the results with other team members, who can then comment directly on the reports.
  10. Generative AI capabilities are soon to be added to the platform, which will make it easier and faster to create surveys and garner value from them.

For more on Qualtrics’ broader GenAI innovation, check out our article: Qualtrics Brings Generative AI to “Every Part” of Its Platform


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