The Most Popular Reviews of CX Tools with Customer Feedback Features

Rebekah Carter

Tools enabling access to customer feedback in 2022

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The Most Popular Reviews of CX Tools with Customer Feedback Features

As customer expectations continue to evolve in a complex post-pandemic landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to listen to and understand their customers. 70% of customers say they are more likely to buy from brands who understand their needs and 89% of people are willing to share feedback to ensure they get the best service.

In a world where delivering excellent experiences is crucial to the success of any business, many CX focused tools are beginning to prioritise the power of customer feedback. A host of today’s CRM, CCaaS, and analytics tools provide dedicated tools for automating the collection of client insights.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular reviews we’ve shared of CX tools with their own built-in solutions for collecting and analysing customer feedback.

1. HubSpot Service Hub

Designed to provide service professionals with all of the tools they need to delight customers in one space, the HubSpot Service Hub is an all-in-one solution for CX success. The software comes with access to branded customer portals, where clients can issue support requests, automated self-service systems, and contextual insights about customer preferences.

For collecting feedback and insights into the voice of the customer, HubSpot Service Hub comes with automated workflows which allow businesses to send surveys and questionnaires to their clients. This can help businesses to combine the quantitative data they have about customer satisfaction, with genuine insights from their target audience.

In this HubSpot Service Hub review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the platform, and it’s tools for understanding customer expectations and experiences.

2. Verint Predictive Insights

Created by the experts at Verint, the Verint “Predictive Insights” service provides companies with a useful way to unify various forms of data, for a deeper understanding of customer sentiment and experience. The easy-to-use ecosystem helps businesses with collecting and analysing structured and unstructured data across multiple channels.

With Verint, companies gain access to a unique “Priority Index”, which captures and evaluates feedback from every interaction and touchpoint, consolidating it all into one place. The tool also allows users to calculate intelligent “experience” scores for each customer, determine which issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

This Verint Predictive Insights review covers everything you need to know about the platform’s features. These capabilities include intelligent data management, surveys for CSAT and NPS scores, real-time alerts, and competitive benchmarking.

3. Zoho One

A popular tool for managing all kinds of business processes, Zoho One helps to bring employees together around a shared goal of enhancing customer experience. The scalable and customisable ecosystem can integrate with a wide range of existing CX tools, including CRM systems and contact centre solutions. Plus, it’s available to access across multiple devices.

Zoho One provides users with a shared environment where they can automate sales professes, track information about different clients, and create dedicated portals for customers. There’s also access to tools for customer journey mapping, and customer segmentation based on purchase history and satisfaction levels.

In our Zoho One review, business leaders can learn all about the multitude of features offered by Zoho’s ecosystem. This platform even includes the option to create custom surveys for customer feedback, and users can access over 500 intelligent reports.

4. ActiveCampaign Experience Automation

The ActiveCampaign Experience Automation platform is a state-of-the-art solution for automating various crucial customer interactions. The solution comes with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning, so companies can get an idea of which customers are most likely to convert on their list, and which clients are most loyal to the brand.

The automation tools built into the system also allow business leaders to create a range of different workflows for collecting valuable information and feedback. Users can set up automations to request feedback from clients after a purchase or a conversation with a service agent. There are also integrations with a range of omnichannel environments for customer interactions.

With this ActiveCampaign Experience Automation platform review, business leaders can learn all about the workflows they can create for their teams. Readers will also discover some of the integration options available for ActiveCampaign’s users.

5. NICE Satmetrix

One of the market leaders in the communication technology and CX landscape, NICE is leading the charge towards companies becoming more focused on the “voice of the customer”. The NICE Satmetrix platform is an environment where companies can “close the feedback loop” with their customers, gathering useful insights across multiple channels.

In this environment, business users gain access to endless details about the customer experience journey, with both indirect and direct feedback sources. There are AI tools for collecting feedback and reviews automatically from users at the end of a conversation. Plus, the comprehensive system makes it easy to gain an insight into customer sentiment at a glance.

In this NICE Satmetrix review, business leaders will learn how they can use the Satmetrix environment to better understand their customers and align information in an omnichannel environment.

6. Medallia Experience Cloud

An expert in the “voice of the customer”, Medallia produced its “Experience Cloud” platform to assist companies in keeping track of customer experience and expectations in any environment. The cloud landscape unifies information collected from clients across multiple channels into one space, where users can track trends and detect patterns.

Using machine learning, the Medallia experience cloud can even highlight common trends in customer reviews and complaints. The technology connects information from emails, chat logs, surveys, and more. Plus, the system integrates naturally with a range of existing tools for customer relationship management and service.

With our Medallia Experience Cloud review, businesses can learn how this comprehensive environment can assist with everything from automated feedback collection to regulatory compliance. The Medallia Experience cloud even has predictive analysis and sentiment insights built-in.



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