9 Top Verint Workforce Management Features for CX Productivity

9 impressive Verint WFM features worth using

9 Top Verint Workforce Management Features for CX Productivity - CX Today News

Published: December 27, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Boasting the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, Verint Workforce Management makes optimizing your contact center team simple. This comprehensive toolkit eliminates the complexities of managing an ever-growing team with a modern, cloud-based interface.

Not only can it help companies ensure they have the right team members available at the correct times, but it can also drive higher employee satisfaction scores. The question is, which features stand out in the Verint WFM platform?

Today, we’re looking at some of the most impressive and intuitive Verint Workforce Management features, perfect for growing contact centers.

9 Incredible Verint Workforce Management Features

Verint’s flexible, open, and innovative WFM platform empowers companies in all industries to improve customer experiences and reduce operating costs by optimizing their teams. In the last couple of years, the platform has evolved to include everything from AI-powered forecasting tools to scheduling bots and compliance systems.

Here are some of our favorite Verint Workforce management features.

1. AI-Powered Forecasting and Scheduling

Let’s start with two of the most crucial workforce management features for any contact center: forecasting and scheduling capabilities. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Verint can provide comprehensive insights into which employees need to be available and when.

You can use these tools to reduce costs by minimizing overstaffing and unnecessary overtime, increase employee engagement, and improve customer experiences. Additionally, integrated bots make it simple to keep employees updated on their schedules, alert supervisors when team members request changes, and more.

Verint fully embraces the future of hybrid and remote work with its scheduling and forecasting tools. You can use staggered start and end times, leverage in-office and remote working indicators, and even implement self-service tools within agent portals.

2. Automated Guidance for Agents

Today’s contact center agents need guidance, coaching, and support to handle ever-evolving customer expectations. Fortunately, Verint Workforce Management features many tools to help enhance employee performance (and satisfaction levels).

First, there’s the built-in real-time coaching service, which uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized insights and tips to customers when they struggle to achieve specific KPIs. Verint’s bots can also surface information during customer conversations and create summaries automatically to reduce the time agents spend on wrap-up processes.

Verint’s personalized scorecards for each agent can also be designed to trigger coaching sessions automatically when agents struggle with specific skills. They can also send alerts and notifications to supervisors to help them detect which agents are having trouble.

3. Verint Workforce Management Features for Quality and Compliance

Quality and compliance monitoring is a must in the modern contact center. However, aligning all the data you need for a comprehensive quality program can be complex. Fortunately, Verint’s Quality and Compliance solutions make reviewing 100% of all interactions across any channel easier.

You can use these end-to-end insights to uncover training and coaching opportunities, proactively improve the performance of both bots and employees and monitor potential risks. The quality monitoring software features AI for detecting keywords and scoring interactions.

They also allow companies to create out-of-the-box automation rules to adhere to common compliance measures. For instance, you can automatically track whether employees are informing customers that calls are being recorded.

The QM and compliance monitoring tools align with Verint’s intelligent performance scorecards, which provide comprehensive insights into productivity metrics by channel type and goal.

4. Simplified Employee Planning and Portals

We’ve already mentioned some Verint Workforce Management features that simplify scheduling and forecasting. However, there are some more advanced capabilities worth looking at, too. For instance, with Verint, you can schedule employees across different channels, using AI insights to match their schedules to their abilities and skills.

Verint’s WFM tools come with “exception planning” capabilities to simplify the scheduling of agent exceptions, such as one-off or recurring training sessions. Plus, the intraday management tools graphically display agent schedules in a highly customizable format.

Users can simply drag and drop segments such as lunch breaks and other exceptions into schedules instantly. Surpluses and shortages are then immediately displayed for different periods. These schedules are then accessible through dedicated agent and supervisor profiles, online or via mobile applications for on-the-go agents.

5. Flexible Integrations

Verint believes the best CCaaS and CX strategies are built on flexibility and agility. That’s why the Verint Workforce Management platform is easy to customize according to your needs. The software integrates with all significant CCI and ACD phone systems.

It can also work with tools like Salesforce Service Cloud or Sales Cloud. Verint’s WFM tools align perfectly with Verint’s Open CCaaS solution and its “Engagement Data Hub,” which allows companies to consolidate and manage engagement data.

Companies can even combine Verint Workforce Management with tools like Zendesk, Vonage, Amazon Connect, and more.

6. Desktop Process Analytics

In today’s world of hybrid and remote work, it’s not always easy to determine which behaviors, actions, and activities are influencing employee productivity. Verint’s Desktop and Process analytics tools can help with this. These solutions allow companies to capture employee activity directly from the desktop to find out more about how they’re managing their time.

The toolkit includes an “application visualizer” and application triggers, providing agents with real-time compliance and performance guidance. These tools also align with Verint’s real-time coaching and agent assist tools.

This means supervisors and business leaders can use AI to automatically and proactively guide employees with data-driven insights wherever they are.

7. Complete Performance Management

Speaking of upgrading employee performance, Verint has one of the most comprehensive collections of performance management tools in the market. The full Verint Performance Management ecosystem aligns with various other Verint resources. You can use it to deliver Verint coaching experiences and Verint eLearning solutions (excellent for onboarding new employees).

The performance management tools come with excellent data visualization capabilities and collaboration options so that you can share business goals throughout the organization. Plus, these tools align with Verint’s channel and routing tools for optimizing agent schedules.

You can even use your performance management tools, voice of the customer, and CX insights to craft new data-driven strategies for upgrading your customer experience.

8. Verint Workforce Management AI Interviewing

One of the most interesting Verint Workforce Management features, AI interviewing allows business leaders to optimize how they grow their team. The intelligent interviewing solution combines virtual interviewing services with AI-validated assessments, predictive analytics, and automated workflows.

Business leaders can use the tools to evaluate candidate engagement, communication, and knowledge skills. The system can then automatically predict which candidates are most likely to succeed. Verint’s proprietary technology gives businesses a fantastic pre-screening process that shortens the recruitment experience and improves time-to-hire metrics.

There are even helpful insights available in the backend to show you where you’ve found your best candidates, how long it takes to fill openings, and more.

9. Dedicated Solutions for Financial Companies

Finally, while Verint Workforce Management can be a powerful tool for businesses from any industry, the company does have some specific solutions for highly regulated organizations.

For instance, financial companies can access industry-leading compliance tools to work alongside their WFM software. These include secure recording tools for capturing information across every channel, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. You can also access communications profiling and data insights powered by multi-lingual speech recognition technology.

These tools won Verint the “Most Innovative Regulatory Compliance Monitoring” tool in 2023. Plus, they can be combined with Verint’s dedicated fraud and security solutions for the finance sector.

The Top Verint Workforce Management Features

In today’s contact center landscape, living up to customer expectations starts with making the most out of your teams. Verint Workforce Management give business leaders insights into how they can improve business performance.

Plus, AI and automation tools assist with coaching, employee support, and even candidate interviewing.

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