AI in Workforce Engagement Management: What You’re Missing, and What’s Coming

Our On-Demand Webinar - Generative AI, virtual agents, workflow automation... there's a lot going on in the world of contact center AI right now.

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Published: February 22, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

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Watch our on-demand webinar, hosted by CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell, Amy Roberge, Head of Global CX Solutions Engineering at Zoom, and Juanita Coley, The Contact Center Whisperer.

Generative AI, virtual agents, workflow automation… there’s a lot going on in the world of contact center AI right now.

Yet, many service teams still evaluate random contacts in quality assurance (QA), rely on Erlang calculators in workforce management (WFM), and use leaderboards as their only gamification tool.

As such, they must first focus on the fundamentals and lay the foundations of a more efficient workforce engagement management (WEM) strategy. Then, they can begin to layer over AI.

After running through these fundamentals, this on-demand webinar offers insight into the most enticing opportunities to start applying AI to these sturdy foundations.

From there, we’ll offer a sneak peek into where contact center AI is heading, underlining how all of this groundwork is mission-critical to the future of WEM and agent experience.

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