CX Outsourcing Case Study in Focus: Verint and Alorica

Verint Helps Alorica Boost Customer Satisfaction

CX Outsourcing Case Study in Focus: Verint and Alorica

Published: May 6, 2022

Rebekah Carter

As companies in today’s skill-short environment continue to struggle to find ways of delighting their customers, BPO brands are growing increasingly important. The right Business Process Outsourcing company can give organisations access to a flexible way of growing their team, accessing new skills, and delighting clients with CX outsourcing opportunities.

However, to empower these unique opportunities, BPO companies still need access to the right tools for contact centre management, workforce engagement and more.

Alorica, one of the market leaders in the BPO landscape paving the way towards a future of more accessible CX outsourcing solutions, worked with Verint to achieve this goal. Using a host of Verint tools, Alorica is now able to help countless Fortune 500 brands boost customer satisfaction.

Let’s see how Alorica and Verint are working together on CX Outsourcing.

Building Better Solutions for Customer Experience

Alorica is a world-leading BPO company, mentioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in 2022 for its exceptional approach to innovative CX outsourcing solutions.

Alorica can help with everything from customer relationship management to back-office support. What’s more, the company serves companies in a host of different industries, ranging from financial services and healthcare to technology and communications, 70% of these brands are even Fortune 500 companies.

Achieving excellent results as a CX outsourcing innovator is no small feat for Alorica, which has more than 100,000 employees spread across 150 locations worldwide. However, the brand still earns accolades like “BPO of the Year” from the CCW Excellence awards.

To deliver exceptional outcomes to both clients and end-customers Alorica relies on valuable relationships with market-leading CX vendors, like Verint.

According to the Vice President of Operational Support for Alorica, the company has had a long-standing relationship with some time. For Alorica, Verint has proven to be a flexible, sustainable, and secure solution for improving employee and customer engagement.

The Alorica and Verint Partnership

Alorica takes advantage of a full variety of Verint technology solutions to help enable and empower its agents in delivering sensational experiences. The Verint ecosystem serves a number of purposes for Alorica, in the company’s quest to ensure exceptional employee efficiency, strong collaboration, and boosted customer interactions.

Just some of the Verint capabilities leveraged by Alorica include Verint Interaction Recording, for compliance and training, Verint Encryption Management, Verint Enterprise Workforce Management, for boosting productivity, Verint Community, and Verint Quality Management.

Alorica also uses the Verint Speech Analytics service as part of its comprehensive approach to customer experience and advanced analytics tools for optimizing the customer journey. According to VP Mark Fortlage, as Alorica has continued to add new clients to its community, it has recognised an increasing need for scalability, simplicity, and agility.

Verint brings all of those crucial features to the table with its technology, as well as fantastic level of security and compliance, critical in the current marketplace.

Notably, Fortlage also acknowledges the ability to leverage the comprehensive Verint Workforce Engagement technology suite as an all-in-one package, rather than having to use multiple solutions from different vendors has been highly beneficial.

According to the Alorica team, it’s fantastic to be able to get information from one system in their workforce engagement stack to another quickly and seamlessly. Verint’s technology has delivered a simple and comprehensive solution for addressing many of the common problems the team would have otherwise faced when attempting to ensure ongoing productivity.

Achieving Incredible Insights with Verint

While the Verint Workforce Engagement tools assist Alorica with achieving a higher level of productivity and efficiency in its workforce, the enhanced speech analytics tools provide their own distinctive set of benefits.

The state-of-the-art speech analytics solutions means clients leveraging Alorica’s technology can easily address customer needs and resolve inquiries faster, often on the first call. Additionally, Alorica’s analytics solution also allows the company’s clients to reduce costs and call volumes. Clients are able to start identifying the self-service tools and operational processes no longer delivering the right results for the team.

Alorica clients are even able to significantly reduce churn, by proactively engaging with potential detractors in the customer service roadmap. The speech analytics service allows users to easily identify common calling and speech patterns which may indicate the potential for churn.

According to Fortlage, Verint speech analytics means the company can easily transcribe things for clients that only happened a few hours ago. This makes it easier to monitor trends more closely as they occur throughout the day, almost in real-time. Through Verint’s technology, Alorica can help clients to discover insights which lead to stronger customer relationships.

Verint also helped Alorica to simplify and enhance customer engagement. According to Fortlage, the business involves a great deal of complexity, particularly with so many different customers, activities, technologies, and rules to keep track of. Verint allows the company to keep things simple and support growth in a way that supports consistent growth.

Monitoring and Boosting Performance Over Time

With help and guidance from Verint’s incredible technology, Alorica is now able to achieve more than ever before in the CX outsourcing world. Alorica can now analyse customer-agent phone conversations on a deeper scale, unmatched by manual processes and other strategies for collecting feedback, like surveys.

The BPO can also share real-time intelligence with clients, helping them to make informed decisions, enhance their experiences, simplify engagement, and more clearly understand what customers want, think, feel and need on a regular basis.

As an added benefit, Verint’s unified technology solution ensures the company can quickly detect emerging customer trends, and understand the root causes of complaints. The team can even measure satisfaction more effectively, and keep a closer eye on crucial metrics highlighting agent performance.

With a much greater focus on data-driven insights throughout the customer journey, Alorica can use the metrics and measurements in its toolkit to ensure customer experience and engagement always come first.


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