Verint Showcases Its Team of Bots That Automate Contact Center Quality Management

The specialized bots team up to analyze 100 percent of contact center conversations

Verint Showcases Its Team of Bots That Automate Contact Center Quality Management
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Published: April 23, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Verint has released a demo showcasing how three of its specialized bots work together to automate contact center quality management (QM).

It starts with the Verint Quality Template bot. Leveraging this, the QM leader can input a few prompts as to what an excellent customer conversation looks like.

From there, the bot uses generative AI (GenAI) to scan contact center conversations, spotting phrases and behaviors that reflect the prompt.

In doing so, it auto-builds a quality scorecard, which the QM leader can tweak and build upon.

Then, the Performance Scoring and Compliance Scoring bots enter the fray.

Both work hand-in-hand to auto-fill the scorecard and provide an automated agent performance and compliance score for all contact center conversations – across voice and digital.

According to Verint, this lowers the burden on contact center QM teams and supervisors – so they can spend more time coaching, rewarding great performance, and correcting compliance errors.

Yet, there are many other advantages. For instance, supervisors can cherry-pick contacts for manual monitoring, which show indications – via the automated score – of holding the best learning or recognition opportunities.

Of course, other Auto-QM solutions may deliver such benefits. However, the Verint Quality Template bot’s use of GenAI enables more flexible QM criteria, so agents don’t have to stick completely to a script to score well.

In other words, it better interprets the gist of the conversation – as the video demo below suggests.

The video offers an excellent example of how Verint uses the specialized bots concept to further the AI in customer experience conversation.

Indeed, the vendor is not talking about generalized AI. Instead, it focuses on driving specific, tangible value with AI.

Running with this idea, Verint has so far released more than 40 specialized bots that aim to automate a single human function and do only one thing, but do it well.

Moreover, the bots can often work together, as the three QM bots do in Verint’s latest demo.

In bringing such bots to market, Michael Fauscette, Founder, CEO & Chief Analyst at Arion Research, believes that Verint is ahead of the innovation curve.

Talking to CX Today about Verint’s strategy during a previous episode of CX Today’s Big News update, he emphasized this is a cost-efficient, value-specific approach. He concluded:

The strategy of this very small, focused bot, with carved out, very specific features for a task, is something we are starting to see more of – particularly amongst young AI startups… It’s working well, and it makes a lot of sense.

In doing so, Fauscette noted that this strategy could lay the groundwork for more sector-specific innovation at Verint – with the vendor pledging to bring 100 specialized bots to market before the end of the year.

However, so far, its innovation has been vertical-agnostic, with its most recent addition being a TimeFlex Bot that promises to “revolutionize” contact center scheduling with AI and gamification.

Other popular examples include a Wrap-up, Transfer, and Containment Bot – among many others.

To get to know these bots and understand the overarching strategy, check out our interview with David Singer, Global Vice President of Go-to-Market Strategy at Verint.



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