WeSpire Launches New Carbon Management Solution

New employee management platform helps companies track their employees' carbon emissions

WeSpire Launches New Carbon Management Solution
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Last Edited: January 13, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

WeSpire has announced its new Employee Carbon Management Solution that enables companies to measure and reduce employee carbon emissions.

Developed in partnership with Cox Enterprises and South Pole, the new solution provides companies with a suite of tools to balance and report on employee emissions whether they are working at home or in the office.

Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO, WeSpire, said: “We’ve pioneered a data-first, behavior-change solution to drive much needed personal climate action in the workplace.”

“Our technology enables organizations to engage their employees to better understand their own impact, take targeted carbon reduction actions, and, when needed, the company or employees can balance what remains.

This holistic solution will inspire further innovation as employees see their collective impact on their company’s ESG goals and will significantly simplify employee-related Scope 3 emissions reporting.”

The platform aims to close the gap between getting and analysing employee-based Scope 3 carbon emission data and taking action. Many companies have set Scope 3 Net Zero goals since moving to hybrid and remote work environments. The platform is designed to help companies follow their ESG strategy with prescribed steps for employees to take that have an impact on their own carbon footprints.

This is another way companies can engage with their employees and make progressive carbon emission reductions through curated actions, based on behavioral science.

WeSpire also partnered with South Pole, a climate solutions provider and project developer, to establish offer opportunities for employees and use them as rewards.

George Favaloro, South Pole’s Head of Climate Solutions, North America, said: “Stakeholders and employees increasingly demand organizations make commitments to drive climate action and offset their carbon footprints. But this can be challenging,”

“WeSpire’s solution with South Pole’s embedded offsetting capability makes it simple for organizations to take meaningful climate action while engaging and empowering their employees.”


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