What Is Einstein Copilot? The Guide to Salesforce Copilot

Everything you need to know about Einstein Copilot

What is Einstein Copilot The Guide to Salesforce Copilot - CX Today News

Published: November 30, 2023

Rebekah Carter

What is Einstein Copilot? If you watched the highlights of this year’s Salesforce “Dreamforce conference,” you might have noticed the company is doubling down on its AI initiatives. Just as Microsoft has introduced its own Copilot solutions, powered by generative AI, Salesforce is tapping into the power of LLMs to empower sales, marketing, and customer service professionals.

Building on Salesforce’s existing range of Einstein AI features, the company announced “Einstein 1” this year – the next generation of the Salesforce platform. Einstein 1 is a comprehensive suite of tools that empowers users to bring AI into their everyday workflows.

The Einstein Copilot (Salesforce Copilot) solution is at the core of this solution, alongside the new Copilot studio and the Einstein Trust Layer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the gen AI innovations.

What Is Einstein Copilot? The New Salesforce AI Initiative

So, what is Einstein Copilot? At its core, its Salesforce’s version of the generative AI chatbot tools that appear to be popping up in virtually every UCaaS and CCaaS stack. According to Salesforce, Einstein Copilot will empower CX staff members to accomplish specific tasks efficiently.

Like many generative AI tools, Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot can help with various processes, from drafting custom code and creating data visualizations to building storefronts. Plus, it can offer sales associates step-by-step guidance on closing deals quickly.

The tech is grounded with customer data from the Salesforce Data Cloud to boost accuracy, including telemetry data, enterprise content, customer insights, and Slack conversations. Its conversational interface makes it easy to auto-generate customer replies, create sales emails, and even build unique consumer experiences.

Einstein Copilot Use Cases for Companies

According to Salesforce, Einstein Copilot can generate accurate and trusted recommendations and content for all customer-facing team members. When announcing the solution, Salesforce noted that before Einstein Copilot, most tools had to run separately to the “flow of work.”

Since the Salesforce Copilot solution is natively integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, it can tap into data from any application for greater personalization. Using natural language prompts, employees in different departments can leverage Copilot for a range of tasks, including:

What Is Einstein Copilot for Sales?

In sales, users can leverage Einstein Copilot to prep for meetings, research accounts, and automatically update account information in Salesforce. Like other sales-focused tools, the generative AI app can surface customer sentiment insights and summarize meetings. It can extract “next steps” and action items from video calls.

Users can also instantly search for specific details in customer conversations rather than searching through transcripts. Plus, you can automatically generate sales emails that fit the tone and style of your brand.

What Is Einstein Copilot for Service?

The Salesforce Copilot service works similarly to other generative AI tools in the customer experience landscape. Users can ask the tool to automatically respond to customer queries with relevant, personalized answers grounded in company data.

The Einstein bot can respond to consumers through email, live chat, and social media. Plus, service teams can access step-by-step guidance from the virtual assistant, helping them to resolve issues faster without leaving the flow of work.

What Is Einstein Copilot for Marketing?

If you need help capturing customer attention, Einstein Copilot can generate email copy for marketing campaigns, blog posts, and more. You can also intelligently upgrade your campaign segmentation efforts using Einstein and the Data Cloud.

Users can use Copilot to create landing pages based on personalized consumer buying histories and browsing strategies. Plus, you can build contact forms that automatically populate with user information. There’s even the option to generate surveys to help capture insights into the customer journey and buyer preferences.

Other Einstein Copilot Capabilities

Outside of Sales, Marketing, and Customer service teams, Copilot also offers solutions for many other employees. For instance, Developers can use the solution to transform natural language prompts into Apex code and scan for vulnerabilities.

Companies can use the Tableau environment in Salesforce with Einstein to turn raw data into actionable insights, improving data analyst productivity. You can build relevant visualizations, promote efficient data curation, and automate repetitive tasks.

Salesforce even shared industry-specific use cases for Einstein Copilot. For instance, healthcare administrators can generate appointment summaries and schedules. Financial advisors can analyze client spending to build personalized plans. Automotive companies can collect predictive insights from vehicle data to schedule services.

Even college administrators can use Einstein to map each student’s relevant skills and interests to courses that prepare them for future success.

What Is Einstein Copilot Studio?

Alongside announcing the out-of-the-box Einstein assistant at Dreamforce this year, Salesforce also introduced “Einstein Copilot Studio.” According to the company, this solution offers a simple way for companies to build a new generation of AI-powered apps with custom skills and prompts.

Developers can build on all the power of the Einstein ecosystem to create solutions that help salespeople close deals faster, or agents streamline customer service. Einstein Copilot Studio also provides configurability to embed your system into tools like Slack, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Features include:

  • Salesforce Prompt Builder: The builder allows users to build, test, and deploy prompts matching their company’s communication style. Einstein Copilot will then respond to these prompts with personalized messages. The prompt builder promises a low-code experience, with included access to the Einstein Trust Layer.
  • Skills Builder: With the Skills Builder, users can create custom AI-driven workflows for specific tasks. For instance, you could create a solution to analyze current market data, sales figures, or competitors. Users can then access these skills using the same natural language prompts used to interact with the bot.
  • Model Builder: The Model Builder included in Einstein Copilot Studio ensures companies can choose between one of Salesforce’s LLMs or integrate their own. They can then train and fine-tune AI models using data in the Data Cloud. This equips Einstein Copilot with more accurate insights and personalization features.

What Is the Einstein Trust Layer?

The Einstein Trust Layer, according to Salesforce, is the secure AI architecture that sets the gen AI apart from other tools.

As companies continue to embrace AI for customer service, sales, and marketing, the demand for more secure tools is growing. The Trust Layer, the Einstein Copilot ecosystem, ensures businesses can benefit from personalized generative AI experiences without compromising on compliance.

Built into every Salesforce Copilot solution, this layer enriches responses with trusted company data via an integration with the Salesforce data cloud. Moreover, Salesforce promises zero data retention, so your data remains secure.

As an added benefit, the Einstein Copilot features come with PII protection, masking, toxicity awareness, and compliance monitoring. A safety detector consistently scores AI-generated responses to ensure they’re accurate, safe, and reliable.

The Benefits of  Copilot from Salesforce

As Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to create its Copilot solution, Salesforce has embraced its own OpenAI partnership to develop next-level AI tools. Currently available in pilot mode, the generative AI solution promises various benefits to evolving companies.

According to Salesforce, 45% of executives are increasing their AI investments and seeing excellent outcomes, such as improved efficiency and productivity. Chair and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, believes every company is on the cusp of an AI transformation.

With Copilot, companies can create powerful assistants within every employee’s natural flow of work. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the deep integration with Salesforce’s data landscape. Salesforce Copilot leverages the data and insights already in your Salesforce ecosystem.

With the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform, users can use their data to build intelligent apps, enhance employee productivity, and deliver more personalized customer service.

The Einstein 1 Platform promises access to data, automation, and analytics at scale, with the added benefit of allowing companies to embrace the new generative AI revolution.

Should You Use Salesforce Copilot?

So, should you be using Salesforce Copilot?

Salesforce, like many other CX market leaders, are investing heavily in the transformative abilities modern AI systems have to offer.

While it’s difficult to accurately estimate the impact tools like this could have on your business, the opportunities are potentially endless. With Einstein Copilot, companies can streamline manual work, improve sales processes and revenue, and deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Generative AI is already helping countless companies upgrade and enhance their CX initiatives. Einstein AI will bring the benefits of this technology to sales, marketing, service, and more.



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