ZoomInfo Acquires Comparably

Sandra Radlovački

Comparably will help ZoomInfo users engage and hire candidates more efficiently

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ZoomInfo Acquires Comparably

ZoomInfo has acquired Comparably, a recruitment marketing and employer branding platform. The acquisition aims to enable companies to proactively find and engage top talent.

Comparably’s platform provides employers with SaaS solutions that enhance their brand and recruitment marketing with custom content, search engine optimisation, and global media recognition.

Comparably Co-Founder and CEO Jason Nazar said: “Job seekers are more educated and discerning than ever before, and companies are going to unseen lengths to recruit candidates of all backgrounds and skill sets.”

“Comparably has distinguished our brand as a unique data asset reflecting fair and accurate company cultures and the most popular SaaS platform for employer branding and recruitment marketing solutions.

“Partnering with ZoomInfo is an incredible opportunity to continue to support millions of employees and thousands of businesses and to help revolutionize how the modern challenges of recruiting are solved.”

ZoomInfo plans to leverage Comparably’s unique data to further develop its TalentOS into a “best-in-class talent platform” by enriching recruiter search options and providing recruiters with access to millions of quality candidates and employer brand solutions.

ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck said: “The seismic shift in work accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled The Great Resignation. It’s never been so difficult to hire top talent,”

“ZoomInfo is committed to helping companies recruit talent more effectively. Comparably is a unique platform trusted by employees and businesses as a source of truth on company cultures, and it provides vital solutions to amplify a company’s employer brand. By combining Comparably with TalentOS, ZoomInfo will evolve how candidates are sourced and hired and will help companies convert more of their talent pipeline.”

ZoomInfo has recently launched a new account-based marketing platform to help sales teams increase conversion rates.

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