Call Reporting Software – What’s Trending in 2019?

Rebekah Carter

Call Reporting Software – What’s Trending in 2019?

The UC industry is an incredibly crowded and competitive space – now more than ever. Over 2018, we’ve seen numerous companies coming up with new and improved solutions designed to appeal to the age of customer experience and employee satisfaction.

One of the easiest ways to work on customer experience (CX) in this world of digital transformation (DX) is to start assessing your calls on a deeper level, with call reporting and analytics software. Call reporting strategies allow call centre leaders to drive better results from their environment by improving staff performance and productivity, optimising call centre metrics, and even providing better advice on how to proceed with a customer.

Measure It and Manage It with Call Reporting

Call reporting and analytics technology could be key to many brands in the UC world today, particularly if they want to improve the interactions they’re having with their customers. As new strategies emerge that allow us to tap into insights on everything from customer satisfaction, to agent productivity, call reporting has become a powerful tool for many businesses.

As we move into 2019, the chances are that more businesses will begin to see call reporting and analytics as an essential addition to their Unified Communications solution. On top of that, as GDPR and other privacy concerns enter the marketplace, call reporting may even be a legal requirement for some verticals.

With call reporting, you can get a better handle on the communications you have with customers while measuring the performance of every phone user in your organisation.

How to Choose the Best Call Reporting Solution

For most companies, choosing the best call reporting solution will mean thinking about what you need from an analytics strategy. For instance, some call recording software comes with simple speech analytics, which simply picks up on what was said in a conversation to determine the direction of a call.

As we continue to experiment with AI and machine learning, there have also been new developments in voice analytics, which analyses how a person speaks during a conversation to assess emotional behaviour. There’s are even predictive analytics options that help agents to build up an idea of how a call might turn out.

Call Reporting Reviews

For help choosing the call reporting solutions that you need for everything from productivity improvements, to compliance and security, check out our list of the best call reporting reviews around. We’ve also looked into all of the features in some of the most popular call recording software on the market, to help our readers make better choices for their UC analytics.

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