12 Genesys Contact Center Features that Improve CX

The best Genesys contact center features for CX leaders

12 Genesys Contact Center Features that Improve CX - CX Today News
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Published: September 15, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Looking for the best Genesys contact center features to empower your CX team? You’re in the right place. Genesys ranks as one of the most innovative companies in the contact center landscape today, offering businesses of all sizes a variety of valuable tools and platforms to explore.

Genesys’ strong commitment to transforming the customer service landscape has earned it a “Leader” position in the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant for multiple years. Plus, the company has an excellent reputation for bringing empathy and trust into the CX landscape.

While the Genesys contact center is packed with many impressive features, some could impact your customer experience strategy more than most.

Here’s our guide to the best features within the Genesys contact center platform.

The Best Genesys Contact Center Features

The Genesys Contact Center platform is a comprehensive cloud-based toolkit for customer service, sales, and CX teams. In 2023, the company announced its platform had more than 1 million global users, thanks to its broad range of innovative capabilities.

Here are just some of the top features business leaders can explore.

1. Deep Integration with Salesforce

In 2023, Genesys joined forces with Salesforce to create a deeply integrated CX and CRM solution called “CX Cloud.” The service embeds Genesys’ contact center, journey orchestration, and workforce engagement management tools into the Salesforce Service Cloud platform.

According to the company, combining CRM and CCaaS data into one platform will ensure Genesys can deliver more visibility and insights to CX leaders. The vendors are also hoping to use the combined data from both ecosystems to power a new wave of AI innovations.

With the Salesforce and Genesys solutions, companies can benefit from more context in customer conversations, deeper reporting and analytical tools, and advanced automation.

2. Genesys Contact Center Omnichannel Communications

Like many leading CCaaS vendors in the modern world, the Genesys contact center allows companies to go beyond simple voice and email-based communications. The fully omnichannel platform combines global voice with SMS messaging, robust live chat software, and even social media customer service options.

Companies can create comprehensive inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns across every channel, with powerful automation and reliable global reach. The entire platform includes quality monitoring tools for every channel to help drive support improvements.

Plus, you can also create voice bots and chatbots with the Genesys AI solutions, using low-code and no-code solutions to create powerful self-service and predictive engagement tools. The bots use NLU and NLP technologies to route customers and deliver rapid service.

3. Pointillist Customer Journey Management

Part of a vast collection of AI-powered tools for customer service, the Pointillist toolkit from Genesys makes it easy to monitor and understand your customer’s journey. With it, companies can pull data from billions of customer interactions and countless touchpoints.

Within the Customer Journey Hub, teams can create a single view of their customers, connecting data from email, contact center, CRM, and voice of the customer tools. The powerful no-code analytics capabilities can transform data into insights in seconds.

Using their unified data, companies can discover common paths customers take when making a purchase and analyze the root cause of consumer churn. You can even set up intelligent alerts to detect when customer behaviors change.

4. Customer Journey Orchestration

Alongside the Pointillist tools for customer journey analytics and data management, the Genesys contact center also offers solutions for journey orchestration. Companies can use “Pointillist Audiences” to orchestrate relevant experiences for every unique customer segment.

Plus, users can also set up strategies for delivering personalized web content to consumers throughout their digital journey. The orchestration tools also allow companies to create comprehensive intelligent routing strategies driven by customer goals and previous experiences.

With the Genesys orchestration software, it’s even possible to run A/B tests to simulate potential journey improvements before making changes to your business processes.

5. Genesys Contact Center Agent Assist

Bots and virtual agents aren’t just helpful for consumers; they can also make teams and employees more productive. The Genesys agent assist solution allows companies to create intuitive tools that support agents through various tasks and processes.

You can leverage RPA technology to minimize repetitive tasks, like taking notes during calls or summarizing conversations. The Genesys “Smart Advisor” can even provide rapid access to business and customer information to save employees time searching for data.

Genesys provides various third-party or embedded AI solutions to choose from. Plus, the solution comes embedded into the customizable agent desktop and can be optimized for voice input.

6. Work Automation and Task Routing

Speaking of making agents more productive, the Genesys workflow automation tools are excellent for enhancing employee experiences. The all-in-one solution makes capturing task information from multiple applications and sources accessible via API connections.

Administrators can also use the system to create configurable task stages and assign projects to individual staff members. Moreover, the workflow automation tools give users a comprehensive view of all task statuses to monitor their team’s progress in real time.

Plus, you can increase employee productivity with custom or group queues for work. There are even built-in analytical tools to help give business owners a better understanding of which team members are the most valuable to their operations.

7. Workforce Engagement Management

Companies can’t create excellent customer experiences without building an engaged and motivated team. As a result, Workforce Engagement Management tools have become increasingly popular among contact centers in recent years.

Fortunately, with the Genesys contact center, companies don’t need to leverage a separate app for their employee experience strategy. The WEM tools built into the Genesys portfolio are packed with ways to boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Genesys’ WEM toolkit includes intelligent workforce scheduling and forecasting tools, quality assurance and monitoring, long-term workforce planning, and more. There are even gamification options, like scorecards and leaderboards, to keep staff members motivated.

8. Cobrowsing and Screen Share

Video is quickly becoming a valuable part of the omnichannel contact center. With the right visual content, companies can bring more context to consumer conversations and boost agent efficiency. However, only a handful of CCaaS solutions have advanced video tools.

The Genesys Contact Center comes with dedicated tools for sharing screens and co-browsing, designed to improve your teams’ and customers’ digital journey. The solutions are available with the Genesys platform’s web and mobile versions.

Plus, they come with valuable features, such as expanded viewer controls, comprehensive privacy controls, and a unified desktop environment for accessing customer information and insights. With no-code deployment, companies can turn the features on in just a few seconds.

9. Genesys Contact Center Analytics and Reporting

The more information you have about your customers and employees in the contact center, the more equipped you’ll be to build powerful experiences. As well as allowing companies to align insights from their CRM and contact center with Cloud CX, Genesys also offers a wide variety of other reporting and analytical tools.

You can unify data from various resources using the Genesys AppFoundry marketplace and leverage rich real-time insights. Employees can track their performance instantly, ensuring they’re constantly reaching customer satisfaction goals.

Plus, Genesys allows companies to create custom dashboards and unique reports for various use cases. You can even set up real-time alerts based on multiple metrics, such as queue status and presence.

10. Predictive Web Engagement

If you’re focused on digital customer experience, check out the Genesys predictive web engagement solutions. The comprehensive suite of predictive tools comes with access to various analytical solutions. You can access voice engagement insights, journey visualization tools, and even AI reports.

Companies can dynamically segment customers into different groups based on their actions and produce in-depth action maps automatically. The solution even has an “agent pacing algorithm,” which helps companies optimize their human resources strategy.

With Genesys, companies can understand and predict customer intent and create automated workflows that proactively support their target audience.

11. Off-the-Shelf Integrations

Part of what makes the Genesys contact center such a powerful solution for today’s business leaders is its flexibility. Genesys doesn’t just benefit from a close relationship with Salesforce. It lets companies connect other cloud-based apps and tools to their contact center.

The solution supports a range of native integrations with CRM systems. Plus, you can also integrate case management and workflow automation tools, and business intelligence platforms. You can also use Genesys contact center alongside UCaaS tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

With the Genesys AppFoundry marketplace, companies can find tools of bots, pre-built solutions, premium apps, and even templates for building the perfect custom contact center.

12. Knowledge Management

Finally, the Genesys Contact Center ensures agents and employees don’t have to spend hours searching for valuable information when dealing with customer-facing tasks. The built-in knowledgebase management tools make it easy to create comprehensive libraries of resources.

Companies can create comprehensive knowledge hubs for various channels, and agents can search for information rapidly using AI bots that recognize keywords. You can even use your knowledge management system to create a support center for your agents.

The Genesys contact center knowledge management tools also provide access to valuable analytics and insights. You can see which resources and documents users are accessing most often and make intelligent decisions about how to upgrade your content.

The Best Genesys Contact Center Features

As one of the most innovative and comprehensive solutions for CX, the Genesys contact center is packed with valuable features. As the company continues to invest in new solutions such as generative AI and automation, the value of this platform will only grow.

If you plan on using the Genesys contact center for your team, check out all the features above. You’re sure to see a positive impact on your CX and employee satisfaction scores.

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