AWS Launches Step-by-Step Guides for Amazon Connect

The tool holds agents' hands while they navigate customer conversations

AWS Launches Step-by-Step Guides for Amazon Connect
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Published: March 31, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

AWS has made step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace generally available.

These guides lead agents through the ideal path to resolve particular customer queries.

To get to grips with how they do so, consider the four steps that most customer conversations follow: customer identification, intent recognition, issue resolution, and post-call processing.

AWS has optimized step-by-step guides around these, with plug-ins to support each step, including voice ID, alongside first- and third-party system integrations.

These integrations help serve up information for agents as they navigate the guide – with the help of toggle buttons – and pre-populate the forms.

Sharing more in a blog post, Veliswa Boya, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, stated:

Imagine the agent accepting a call, a chat, or a task and being given the necessary information about the customer and the case, plus real-time recommendations, all in one place without the need to switch between applications.

To start, the tool surfaces a list of likely intents using intelligence gathered from the upfront IVR or bot. This allows the agent to focus on listening to what the customer says and choose the appropriate option.

Then, the agent follows a sequence of UI pages, allowing them to exert control over the call and make their way through the workflow, one step at a time.

The contact center can also work in scripted messages, which the agent can choose to use – instead of sourcing a knowledge article or scooping up buried data.

The Possible Benefits of the Step-By-Step Guides

AWS has stated that the new agent workspace has helped customers to:

  1. Reduce onboarding time by 50 percent
  2. Reduce average time to proficiency by 40 percent
  3. Reduce average handling time by 35 percent
  4. Reduce agent heart rates!

To measure the heart rates, AWS launched biometric studies, in which they monitored agent heart rates while doing A/B testing of the old and the new UX. Self-reported stress levels also fell.

Moreover, there are additional benefits for managers. By using drag-and-drop tools to configure the guides, they no longer need to rely on developers to write code and develop custom workflows.

Of course, this delivers efficiency and cost benefits, yet it also allows leaders to get closer to the process and safeguard agent experiences.

An Upgrade from the Amazon Connect’s Custom Control Panel (CCP)

The step-by-step guide will help AWS’s CCaaS customers leverage elements of its solutions currently hidden in the Amazon Connect CCP.

Indeed, while AWS has added more features to its CCP in recent years, its UI has become increasingly crowded. As a result, adding more capabilities often meant agents navigating additional UI pages and tabs.

Such a burdensome experience places a high cognitive load on agents, limiting their learning capacity and lessening their experience.

In addition, agents would start to follow different workflows, resulting in inconsistent customer experiences and efficiency losses.

AWS believes that its step-by-step guides will make these issues problems of the past.

Additional Announcements from AWS

Alongside its step-by-step guides, AWS launched a new partnership with Zoom, which will see the UC provider join its marketplace.

The move comes soon after AWS teamed up with RingCentral to give Amazon Connect users a leading UCaaS platform to converge with. The Zoom deal offers an alternative option.

Meanwhile, AWS and Zoom also announced that businesses could harness AWS machine learning services to get real-time insights from Zoom calls.

Finally, AWS launched Chime SDK call analytics, a solution that will make it easier for developers to glean insights from voice communications.

All these announcements came from Enterprise Connect, an event providing a platform for other prominent CX vendors to unveil their latest innovations.

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