AWS Releases New Routing, Analytics, and Chat Capabilities for Connect

Amazon Connect adds new features to improve its customer service solution

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Published: July 19, 2023

James Stephen

AWS has upgraded Amazon Connect to include new routing, analytics, and chat capabilities.

The cloud contact center’s latest updates aim to simplify and reduce workloads for agents and managers with the support of automation and machine learning technologies.

Let’s consider them one by one, starting with the new routing features.

Delete Routing Profiles and Queues

Connect users may now remove routing profiles and queue resources using APIs.

As a result, contact centers may more easily introduce new strategies and requirements for agent groups, call flows, and various routing configurations.

Indeed, by removing unused and unwanted resources, more space opens up within service limits, allowing room to add new profiles and queues.

This capability is supported in all AWS regions offering Amazon Connect.

AWS also added Intuit with extra APIs to further customize queues and remove agents from routing profiles.

As it monitors all contact center interactions, it can isolate the best-performing agents and relay that to the routing system. Customers can then be directed to the best available agents for their cases.

Conversational Analytics Metrics

Pre-defined Contact Lens conversational analytics metrics are now available on Amazon Connect through the GetMetricDataV2 API.

As a result, contact center managers can analyze contact quality and agent performance.

The metrics will relay the number of times customers interrupted agents, the overall talk time for a contact, and the amount of time it took for an agent to greet a customer on chat.

Managers may use these metrics to create custom dashboards, view the average handle time of agents, and – if it is too high- provide coaching to optimize the agent’s approach.

The new analytics solution is free to use and available in specific regions, including Oregon, North Virginia, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Central Canada, Frankfurt, and London.

Earlier this year, AWS added an automated quality assurance solution to Contact Lens that searches customer conversations and scores agent performances.

It also released a new “Theme Detection” capability to Contact Lens to offer a snapshot of the top customer issues based on thousands of contacts within a specific timeframe.

Finally, AWS introduced a wave of Contact Lens updates at AWS re:Invent 2022, making the tool available to assess live chat conversations and automate call scoring.

Wisdom for Chat Agents

Amazon Connect Wisdom equips contact center agents with machine learning and real-time information recommendations to quickly satisfy customers.

Its machine learning models, which were only available to agents answering calls until now, can deliver agents the information they need during chat sessions to improve productivity and customer experiences.

This agent resource is available in specific regions, including North Virginia, Oregon, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo.

In April this year, AWS launched step-by-step guides to help contact center agents put the Amazon Connect workspace to use, which it said reduced onboarding times, time to proficiency, and average handling times.



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