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Published: March 29, 2024

Rhys Fisher

It’s an Enterprise Connect takeover!

With one of the biggest events in the enterprise IT calendar taking place this week, we have a breakdown of some of the major announcements  from Talkdesk’s “industry-first” GenAI suite for on-premise contact centers, to the new “memory” feature for NICE’s Enlighten AI Suite.

Here are the extracts from some of our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

NICE Gives Its Enlighten AI Suite a Memory, Aims to Power More Personalized Experiences

NICE has unveiled Enlighten XM (Experience Memory) at Enterprise Connect 2024, the latest addition to its Enlighten AI suite.

Enlighten XM combines customer conversation data, metadata, and analytics from the business’s customer experience ecosystem. That provides an increased understanding of a customer’s journey and preferences.

Moreover, it helps build a unique memory graph for each customer, which feeds a large language model (LLM) to improve and personalize outputs across several GenAI-powered solutions within the Enlighten suite.

For example, consider how it may bolster Enlighten Autopilot, the virtual agent solution.

With additional context, the bot may resume an interaction from where the customer left off, even if they switched channels or devices. NICE names this capability “Continuous Conversational Sync”.

Enlighten XM can also augment Enlighten Copilot, the virtual assistant for contact center agents (Read on…).

Salesforce Introduces a Conversational Intelligence Solution for Service Cloud

Salesforce has announced a slew of Service Cloud innovations aimed at enhancing customer experience and driving revenue growth.

First up is a Einstein Conversation Mining, a conversational intelligence solution that gains insights into the predominant reasons customers reach out through various channels such as voice, messaging, and third-party apps.

Businesses can leverage the solution to transfer these insights into actionable strategies for contact center automation and agent coaching.

Next is Generative AI (GenAI) Survey Summarization. Used in conjunction with Salesforce Data Cloud, the solution identifies the reasons for CX failings and low customer satisfaction scores.

Commenting on the new releases, Ryan Nichols – Chief Product Officer at Service Cloud – commented: “Customers are right to expect smarter, faster experiences in this AI era.

Salesforce’s new innovations empower contact centers with real-time data and trusted AI to resolve cases and provide proactive, personalized service when and how customers want it — and sometimes even before they ask for it.

Nichols and the rest of the Salesforce team believe that the company’s latest AI and data features will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty – leading to significant revenue generation (Read on…).

Talkdesk Announces an “Industry-First” GenAI Suite for On-Premise Contact Centers

Talkdesk has announced an “industry-first” customer experience application suite for third-party, on-premise contact centers, powered by generative AI (GenAI).

Unveiled at Enterprise Connect 2024, the “Ascend Connect” suite gives on-premise contact centers – not yet ready for CCaaS – access to the following four CX applications:

  1. Talkdesk Autopilot – A conversational AI offering that automates answers to customer queries, leveraging GenAI to automatically build new bot flows and tailor responses to context, tone, and audience.
  2. Talkdesk Copilot – A virtual assistant that listens to customer conversations, suggesting contextual answers, next best actions, and relevant knowledge to guide and support agents. It also summarizes the interaction, post-contact, to automate after call work (ACW).
  3. Talkdesk Interaction Analytics – A conversational intelligence solution that tracks sentiment, intent, and various customer behaviors to increase operational insight. GenAI supports these use cases and detects emerging topics, including the unexpected.
  4. Talkdesk AI Trainer – A human-in-the-loop tool that allows customers to “observe, simulate, and put guardrails” on AI. That extends to GenAI, where the tech prevents mishaps and ensures responsible AI use.

On-premise contact centers can leverage these solutions without a complete infrastructure overhaul, thanks to the suite’s “flexible adoption model” (Read on…).

Five9 Introduces the “First” Click-and-Customize GenAI Studio for Contact Centers

Five9 has launched an “industry-first” GenAI Studio that allows users to optimize the GenAI-powered capabilities they leverage within their unique contact center environments.

To understand how, it’s first critical to know how every out-of-the-box GenAI application works.

Essentially, a pre-configured prompt feeds a large language model (LLM). The LLM then generates a response or “output”.

Often, these default prompts work well. But, as use cases become more complex and ask more of the LLM, the accuracy of the outputs drops significantly – and that’s where the GenAI Studio comes into play.

It offers a “prompt playground” that allows users to create prompts for a specific use case, evaluate the performance of the prompt using in-house data, and optimize it.

The contact center may also use the playground to test different LLMs and isolate the model that performs best for a particular GenAI use case within their environment (Read on…).

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