Cognigy Introduces AI Copilot to Assist Contact Center Agents

The solution combines conversational and generative AI

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Published: November 23, 2023

James Stephen

Cognigy has launched AI Copilot, which brings together conversational AI and generative AI to assist contact center agents in their daily work.

The enterprise contact center platform and Magic Quadrant leading vendor, Cognigy, believes AI Copilot can “revolutionize” the contact center industry through its real-time AI support that enables agents to deliver enhanced customer service experiences.

AI Copilot can be used for various tasks, including sentiment analysis, data retrieval, task automation, and call summarization. It is also easily onboarded, offers essential support knowledge, and can be customized to enterprise processes and requirements.

Philipp Heltewig, CEO and Co-Founder of Cognigy, outlined what sets AI Copilot apart: “AI Copilot evolves agent assist from mere response suggestions to an all-rounded solution for elevating service agents’ performance, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

This isn’t just another enablement tool, it is a colleague and daily companion for agents, supercharging them with critical knowledge, skills and resources they need to excel.

AI Copilot Features

The new solution comes with a comprehensive suite of capabilities. These inlcude:

  • Identity Assist can be used to share relevant contextual information between agents, making the handover smoother and more efficient.
  • Knowledge Assist brings essential knowledge to the surface in real-time, providing agents with the information they need at speed and thereby improving customer experiences.
  • Action Assist can be leveraged to guide agents through complex processes to bring about effective query resolutions.
  • Language Assist enables agents to support customers in their native language, improving communication experiences for both parties.
  • Wrap-Up Assist is a tool that automates post-call busywork with a single click, reducing the time agents have to spend on mundane and repetitive tasks.

According to a study by Deloitte, 63 percent of contact center leaders are experiencing staff shortages. AI Copilot could be deployed to help bridge this gap by empowering the staff these companies are already employing.

Cognigy describes its work as “revolutionizing the customer service industry” by delivering the most innovative AI workforce in the market.

Cognigy At A Glance

The Cognigy.AI platform handles over 500 million conversations annually, supporting more than 25,000 voice or chat interactions with over 100 prebuilt integrations.

As well as being a magic quadrant leader within the industry, it was also recognized by Gartner with a Customers’ Choice Distinction in Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms. Furthermore, Cognigy claims that 98 percent of its customers are willing to recommend it.

Cognigy’s AI customer service agents have been deployed by 1000+ brands and its partner network around the world. Its customer portfolio includes Bosch, Frontier Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

In September, Cognigy, Bandwidth, and Google partnered to launch AIBridge, which integrates artificial intelligence with contact centers.

It enables organizations to deploy voice-based AI tools into their contact centers, resulting in faster and more efficient call resolutions, improved customer experiences, and reduced costs.

The previous month Cognigy implemented its Knowledge AI solution that aims to rapidly furnish contact centre agents with enhanced AI agents.

The solution will strive to do so through a combination of generative question answering, enterprise knowledge, and hyper-personalized interactions.

Cognigy believes Knowledge AI is ready to transform agent support by utilizing both LLMs (Large Language Models) and advanced vector search technology.



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